Elrond – EGLD Coin

Elrond EGLD breaks $200 – USA can now BUY EGLD through Maiar! What’s next?! Technical Analysis!

#Elrond #EGLD #Cryptocurrency
EGLD is making moves! Where is it going next?!

CryptoQuant: https://cryptoquant.com/sign-up?my-friend=35mxge2b
Crypto TA Academy: https://bitcoinacademy.teachable.com/?affcode=247946_gvdlmklw
Maiar (EGLD): https://get.maiar.com/referral/iymfury65c
Binance.US: https://accounts.binance.us/en/register?ref=35147493


Maiar Herotag: @divxman
BTC Wallet: 3NjPCzPpL1QkUeVPs7c93sUQDVkkib27Pv
ETH Wallet: 0xb6531e7CcA7889524a6C48B5beF69634e1fFaF6f


BTC Chart: https://www.tradingview.com/chart/SM61AIVW/
EGLD Chart: https://www.tradingview.com/chart/qNmqJWki/
ADA Chart: https://www.tradingview.com/chart/wyVqlSEi/


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  1. Thanks for you hard work ..bringing confidence in eGLD Community means lot for us.

  2. One of the best and most accurate analyzes! I like that a realistic level of expectations is maintained. EGLD will soon show its value if BTC will have an evolution without major bumps on the road

  3. Thanks for the analysis, very clear. Is there any particular TA courses online that you recommend?

  4. The Professional here, once again and I never get tired of telling you, fantastic work Div. Always enjoy your work/content. 🤵🏼

  5. Great video, as always! Thank you! Did you see the draft law in panama concerning crypto? They are thinking about legalising btc, eth, EGLD, usdt and one other. :)

  6. For me just look at the market cap of Cardano, Solana and Eth (Elrond is a far superior layer 1 than all of those) its a matter of time as to when the mainstream influencers realise this.

  7. Thanks for the regular TA on EGLD. Not many youtubers talk about this crypto, and it’s my biggest holding 😬

  8. Great news, great Elrond value and great realistic analysis & TA! Let’s see the movement after the Maiar Exchange Battle of Yields! Keep up the good flow! #EGLD #MEX

  9. Thanks man very informative, let’s hope BTC behaves because EGLD is ready to launch we can feel it :). Cheers

  10. Let’s goo Elrond!!🚀🚀🚀 so glad I bought an additional 100 EGLD last week on the dip😬

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  12. Great Crypto Vlog/Channel I’m a UK based investor. Look forward to your future updates 🇬🇧 👌

  13. Well done! Always love you analysis! I think the price action on EGLD during this bull run is going to shock alot of people! I have alot of faith in this project!

  14. My experience with crypto started with EGLD! Happy to be part of this community!
    Good and informative video! Keep up the good work!