Elrond – EGLD Coin

Elrond – EGLD is set to explode this year!

Elrond – EGLD is set to explode this year! The elrond network is growing at a rapid rate, the maiar dex now has an ethereum bridge to bring liquidity to the elrond system. EGLD is so far ahead of ethereum in terms of sharding. We are now seeing the MEX dex onboarding multiple projects that are exceptionally unique.

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TLDR – Elrond EGLD is growing at a rapid rate


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  1. I honestly doubt things will grow much if at all until 2024/2025 after the crash of everything gets out of the way. I think the top was in at 69k. Just a theory I can’t prove, but seemingly is playing out in real life.

  2. careful, nobody trust this guy: check his past videos, always shilling coins that get dumped. He promised a x6 on IMX, did a /4.

  3. Your information is explicit but< I find it truly baffling as youtubers completely look at TA and ignore the bigger narrative of why there is a dump. Btc dumped due to the future ETF release, It's kind of irresponsible to ignore the fact that each ETF launch so far has caused a major dump at the peak of BTC.The entire space has always been volatile that's why we must always back up our crypto so that you do not have to be bothered when it goes bearish.I have always played safe in the space with a less talked about medium, trad ing.Rather than buying the dip and waiting for a pump,I just get to trade my assets with insight and signal provision from TerryMaxcy I have made over 5 btc in January alone. Say hello to Terry for a fix, You can reach Maxcy on ͲeIєɠɾαm👉Tmaxcee

  4. I am certain maiar is going to end up being one of the biggest if not the biggest dex within a couple of years

  5. Egld has by far been my best buy, cashed profits multiple times and still so much room for growth

  6. Then please look at Saito. Who elrond reached out to and are now partnered with