Elrond – EGLD Coin

Elrond eGLD price prediction – Could be a $5000 coin

Elrond eGLD price prediction. eGLD Elrond is a phenomenal coin. It’s blockchain is among (if not) the best in crypto. I have shown my love for the Elrond in previous eGLD price prediction videos and with time things only get better. Not only is Elrond crypto a dream for developers but with its limited supply it’s a legitimate store of value. The eGLD crypto has no flaws. None. And it makes for a glorious Elrond eGLD price prediction.

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I am not a financial advisor and the information provided is simply my opinions. Remember to speak to a financial advisor before making any significant investments.

Recap: eGLD Elrond = brilliant. Watch now for my Elrond eGLD price prediction.


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  1. I think that Beni and the Team are very smart people. They have the technology and they are also very clever and able to adapt to the market. I really think that EGLD will not drop too much in the bear market. In the next bull cycle I expect something between 5000 and 10000 ( at the end).

  2. I reinvest my rewards once everyday on my MEX farm. Compounding with this APR is giving me crazy gains!

  3. Hey James, member here. Would you suggest buying now or waiting for a retrace? just got funds available. and is there a better place to ask questions like this or is youtube comments fine?

  4. Ethereum is a good idea. Thank goodness there’s Elrond / EGLD to actually implement it. With BTC scarcity and full decentralization. Powerful stuf!

  5. You wouldn’t be able to compound daily in the first month really as you can only compound $50+ and $1000
    Makes you about $18 ~ a day. Would take a while to get going.

    Also really want to know if this mex token will ever hit other wallets and exchanges, no one seems to be able to answer that.

  6. Hello James , can you please make a video on how or what to do to bank profits ? Do i bank it into stable coins ? or do i reinvest into other coins ?