Elrond – EGLD Coin

Elrond (EGLD) vs Zilliqa (ZIL): HUGE 10X ALTCOINS Compete for Dominance!

Tom is back to end the week with a MAJOR battle in the Altcoin market between two competitors! He’s analyzing the clash between Zilliqa and Elrond that is about to transpire. Which project has much more potential to boost your portfolio with an equal initial investment? He looks over a few articles to present the cases for each as EGLD has been deemed the potential “Zilliqa killer.” Tom is invested in both as of right now and gives his opinion about which coin will come out ahead in this fight! Stay tuned to CryptoBusy to keep up with some of the best Altcoin analysis on YouTube!

What We Discuss:
0:00 Intro
0:25 Market Overview
1:14 Elrond vs Zilliqa Discussion
3:53 EGLD and ZIL Potential
6:37 Elrond and Zilliqa ROI Discussion
8:48 Tom’s Opinion

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  1. You guys have been shilling Zil all year, you must have big bags. Zil is my worst investment this year.

  2. I held ZIL since the start and missed some explosive gains from other projects because of my blind faith!! .. (LOTS of $$$)
    I dumped all of it 4 weeks ago and have now have tripled my trade whilst ZIL hasn’t moved!!

  3. Forget shityyyy Ziliqa what is that in front of King ELROND EGLD……

  4. Patience is key, Zil will be big in Asia, Zil has new CEO. Obviously marketing needs to improve. More space for Zil to move up. Decent on chain staking rewards, about 14%.

  5. ZIL lost it’s momentum, off the top 100 page. EGLD better tech, better team, not even close.

  6. Dont compare egld with a dead blockchain that is killed by its own team who dont even care about the price impact whatsoever

  7. So if BTC is around 40% market cap, that leaves 60% for Alts. Let’s say ETH is 15%. That leaves 45%.

    You seem to think that every coin you talk about is getting to 0.5% dominance according to your magnificently analytical spreadsheet. That’s 90 coins, by your logic, plus BTC and ETH.

    Don’t you think you have a responsibility to your viewership to not spout absolute gibberish?

  8. ZIL is total Looser coin. Feel disappointed and disgusted about my decision to stay with this project.
    Kind of too late to sell at this point anymore. Everything else is pumped beyond moon 🌙

  9. What about COTI. I’d love to see a video on it if you think it has potential for this bull run

  10. ZIL at .09 is the no brainer choice in what’s left of this bull market. I’ll buy the “better” project in the bear.

  11. Don’t fall in love with your crypto
    Best advice I got specially when it comes to THE mighty looser, Zilliqa

  12. Lmao elrond with a lot of marketing? What are you Smoking. Their work speaks for itself, they are always delivering. EGLD is so far ahead of zil its not even funny.

  13. Comments are surprising … Zilliqa hands down the no.🥇 OG winner 🏆

  14. I sold most of my ZIL when the network failures appeared a few months ago… not a good sign for an aspiring crypto. Elrond seems extremely well designed and robust. No comparison, Elrond is far superior.

  15. Elrond aka Ethereum 2.0 doing great got in at $70! Investment of the year! 13% CPY love Elrond!

  16. Benjamin Mincu(CEO of Elrond) once predicted Elrond will be (could be) 500k usd in 2028. His history is so great. But I hold both because Zil will be huge also.

  17. If you listen to these guys and hold ZIL, you are gonna miss the entire bull run. Unsubscribe

  18. You guys should look the weekly chart and look the price compression about to blow up

  19. I’m poorly timed my Zil entrance earlier this year, it’s testing my patience but diamond hands hodl! I did think it was dead for a while but I haven’t sold.

  20. If you are aware of ” Contrarian thinking ” then ignore the ” Herd mentality , doubting ZIL .. . .hold strong with diamond hands…..

  21. I am addicted to Elrond Maiar Exchange farming its a money machine <3 i have both so exited for Zilliqas future as well:) But does Zilliqa have such a opportunies of making profits ?