Elrond – EGLD Coin

Elrond Maiar DEX: Maintenance Finished! MEX/EGLD Price and Staking EGLD on Maiar With Higher APR!!!

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WARNING: This video is for entertainment purposes only.

*Do not follow anything I do without understanding the implications of what you are doing.

*Please always do your own research.

*Do not invest money that you cannot afford to lose. Do not gamble away money that you need for rent, mortgage, food, wine or beer.

*Trading crypto can cause your partner to leave you and will almost certainly cause premature aging and insomnia.

*Talking about crypto all the time in the pub may cause your friends to think you are a weirdo and they probably will stop inviting you to drink with them ever again.

*If you lose money, it’s not my fault.

*If you become filthy rich, buy a supercar and move to a luxury penthouse apartment in Dubai, it’s not my fault either.

*Hanging about at yacht parties with bikini-clad girls can also cause premature aging – YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!


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  1. Is farming addictive for you guys ? i cant wait to go live again. :D

  2. I believe it will be staggered in the sense of the contracts they will allow you to interface with. i.e. put the egl/mex lp token up first. then follow with Mex pools etc… this way they can spread out the traffic on the network.

  3. It the LP numbers but with the multiplyers. So your LP x12 or x44 or what ever we had.

  4. it’s your mex and LP multiplied by the bonus for lkmex ; x12 for mex farm, x15 for lp. So it’s a unique apr in the code.

  5. i see a picture – me in a pink lambo drivin thru paris listening loud ABBA with money money money. Hope you join me than on a croissant! I pay


  7. Looking forward to your vid later. I won’t have opportunity to try and get on myself till late tonight (GMT). Can’t wait to see what my shape my farm is in.

  8. Now you sound more like Clarkson than Clarkson . 🙂 I find myself waiting for the end of your vid to hear those immortal words ..

  9. Maiar is dead. EGLD is dead. Just waiting to get my money out of this shit.

  10. I think the first one ☝️ which says egldmexlkmex is the totals number of egld worth money you have .( including your egld, MEX and LKmex) .

  11. nothing happened, i wonder how smart they could be dealing with a DEX for days, i lost trust, i can never risk locking my money with them again

  12. Woke up at 4am ready to farm and nothing. Back to bed. Keep up the great video and thanks for keeping us updated.

  13. frehmen in this game, created my first farms before the maintenance. I guess 1 egld mex farm unlocked and 1 egld mex farm locked 60/40 is my way and then rewards in a mex farm also 1 locked and 1 unlocked 40/60 what do you say to this strategy ?

  14. They had issues on the testnet yesterday with failed transactions. I guess no one reads the Telegram group comments.

  15. Up and running! The platform has a small transaction problem. Transactions are very slow. Let’s hope it’s still a small problem and he won’t have to put everything back on hold. Let’s hope we see Ride on the exchange.

  16. It’s back up but keeps throwing me out and the harvesting and reinvesting seem to be hanging ?

  17. Looking like another re think about the staking AGAIN …
    Looking forward to what your thoughts are

  18. Hello! You should pay attention to the service fees offered by the staking providers on Maiar! I’ve read about it in their tutorial and they(Maiar)recommend aprox 10-15%. Don’t go with the providers that offer under 10%. Look for those who have a blue mark. Nice content btw! Have a good farm!

  19. Bloody hell transactions still failing, still taking forever, you would think after almost a week of downtime and maintenance they would get their act together by now, this is ridiculous

  20. I made LP with 20 EGLD-MEX. Now I see on EGLD-MEX -> EGLD size is 8.1. I lost 20% of my EGLD to add liquidity? If I withdraw now I will take 16 EGLD instead of 20? Thank you

  21. TVL and mex price dropping fast and most people can even transact yet.
    Sad to see. The project had great potential but the teams credibility isn’t looking too good.

  22. Feeling a certain deja vu, sitting on a Thursday evening watching the price of MEX and the APRs drop while my transactions repeatedly fail. I so want this project to be a success but right now I’m struggling to keep the faith.

  23. Still ….Can’t harvest or re-invest!
    After multiple delays and “fixes”
    Not looking good for the DEX or EGLD in general 🤬

  24. what farming strategy do you recommend now ? I have all EGLD swapped into MEX and farming LKMEX in the MEX pool….but i read that EGLD/MEX rewards are higher. I think i should swap some MEX back into EGLD and make a token with EGLD and LKMEX ( that i farmed ) and another token with the rest of EGLD and MEX ….and then put them both to farm LKMEX in the EGLD/MEX pool….sry if i am beeing annoying

  25. SO QUICK QUESTION. i just harvested and reinvested some mex from the egld mex farm and staked it in my mex only farm. locked it and instead of adding to my already locked mex pool, it created another one…..so now that one will have to wait longer to compound. they really need to fix this or make it easier. so anyone else having this problem?

  26. it sucks MAIAR EXCHANGE .. npo can be entered for several days and the price of MEX is falling AND ALL THIS, SHIT
    I will lose my funds with this crap.

  27. For those struggling with timeouts, if you concurrently open the explorer you can see when your transaction actually post. Sometimes it post a lot sooner and you can move to the next action.
    Although what should take several minutes did end up taking hours to get where I wanted to structure my accounts.

  28. Exchange open tried changing mex for egold 8 times usless rubish paid top gas still nothing.they want you to hold or long stake that mex rubish endless supply of digital crap

  29. Can you do a video for video on the RIDe token and a full summary on how to get it and what’s it about? Thanks.

  30. Elrond is a multishard chain. Incredibly fast. The Maiar Exchange, current version 1, runs on ONE SHARD only to never endanger the Blockchain’s integrity in total during Maiar infancy. V2 will run on all shards and leverage the real speed of Elrond, not just a fraction of it. We are early.

  31. Question…. When harvesting, then reinvesting to earn locked MEX… I understand it is locked for a year…. But does this year reset with each compounds investment that you add to a pool? Therefore if I harvest each day, that portion is unlocked after a year from that day? Hence, you’ll never catch up unless you stop harvesting… Not sure if I am making sense. For example…. I hace a MEX pool now…. If I add to that pool in January, will that portion of the rewards be unlocked the following January? Or will everything unlock from the first day I set the farm up? I am surprised no one has brought this up.

  32. Hello love your down to earth Elrond videos
    Just a technical question if you might know or help me find the answer
    In my egld/Mex liquidity pools
    If you hover mouse over and see what makes up the pool like you have shown us in your vids the amount of mex I had before the dex shut down and the amount I have now on re open if dex is different
    Eg i had over 9 million mex and now only have 8 million mex in my liquidity pool
    Should they change fluctuate or be constant??

  33. My Staked LP went from 11.14 @ $20K to 11.89 @ $13K in the last 2 weeks. Is this normal or have I done something wrong? Following your instructions to the tee

  34. Soooo . . . any new things going to happen with Elrond and the Maiar exchange in the near future? Or just the future in general? What’re their plans with the exchange and Elrond? The value of the Mex token going to increase?

  35. How to single stake elrond? Not in a hurry to sell but I don’t have spare cash to buy mex or usdc to pair it with egld. thanks