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Elrond Price Prediction and Technical Analysis for 2021 | Is EGLD a good investment now?

In this Elrond Price Prediction for 2021, we will look at the EGLD chart in USDT, in Ethereum, in Bitcoin, and versus other popular altcoins. Is Elrond a buy now? Is it a good investment versus other altcoins? We will answer this question about Elrond EGLD in this video.

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Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor and this video does not constitute financial advice. This video is for entertainment purposes only. Please do your own research before making financial decisions.

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  1. The funny thing is when you compare fundamentals :D it is completaly different song. Lets go Elrond!!

  2. New subscriber. My current portfolio is 60% Eth, 40% Egld, both staked for the future. Hopefully when Maiar get’s into full throttle Elrond will get in the top 10. Any thoughts? Cheers

  3. dude the dex is coming soon ;) this will change everything, just you know elrond is not on coinbase .. and is way faster and cheaper than all of others you mentioned ;) they had their run already elrond is going sideways ready for a run ;)

  4. I love both Elrond and ETH, but the MCAP of ETHEREUM 🚀 is not over 20%> even yesterday and today* where are you looking?

  5. What do you mean? Investing January Elrond vs Solana. I bought EGLD at 35 U.S and it went to 250??? That’s higher than Solana 20 vs 120?

  6. Elrond takes its time to get it right. Exchange coming soon. It’s not going to hit the top and need to fix the tech.

  7. Elrond is moving slow untill it gets parabolic again and is closer each day to that is a true monster u will see it in the top 10 very soon actually

  8. I’m wondering why Elrond can’t pump little bit to the upside. It’s boring, it’s agonizing except for Solana who’s really exploding to the upside and so for weeks now.

  9. Look at this BULLSHT you were saying less than a week ago, now look at the ELROND Price lol🤦🏻‍♂️☝️ do you even know ELROND Runs on ‘it’s own Blockchain wow nice 👍 B.S 🥳👍