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ENJ & OVR Metaverse Coins to Watch || Stable Coin Regulations Delayed || EOS Failure

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  1. We can deal with the price later. eos organizes the best solutions that can change life <3

  2. Uuuuh the reason eos is #44 is because EOS did NOT get a ton of funding. Block one got a lot of funding while eos dried up. Now they’re finally giving the community funds to grow the network via Helios and we also have ENF, Pomelo and Eden. Pomelo is quadratic funding and the only other chain to have that is ethereum because QF was created by vitalik. We’re not trying to become relevant were just trying to fund growth after a long fight with block one.

  3. Heidi looks Refreshed and comfortable today. You said storing your wealth after taking profits. How are you going to do that? What do we store our wealth in?

  4. EOS is adopting a new position, it is important to understand what is causing a positive impact on EOS, without a doubt we can see the change, new financing is coming, a new future, without a doubt EOS is able to stand out, here in Venezuela they use EOS because without a doubt the advantages it has are unique.

  5. EOS is the sleeping giant that has just awoken, DYOR and dont listen to the fUD

  6. *note:
    EOS draws a majority of their capital from chinese investors.
    ..I wonder if that has anything to do with anything..

  7. Dear lord pls put time stamps in vids I work on commission and don’t have time to watch almost an hour long vid although I do appreciate your vids pls just time stamp them your viewers will thank you

  8. EOS undoubtedly has the technological potential with a powerful blockchain that offers super-fast transactions, as well as the best opportunity (through Pomelo) to any citizen of the EOS Ecosystem who wishes to contribute to the development and growth of the community.

  9. can you guys pls make video where to store and preserve wealth after sales of coins, thank you for your great videos

  10. The last second of your stream, you guys don’t look so happy?
    I hope everything is ok

  11. Các dự án trên EOS đã được tài trợ, sự bùng nổ sẽ sớm thôi 🚀🚀🚀

  12. Brave just partnered with Solana, so you might be more interested now than you were last time you checked it out

  13. El Salvador used Algorand $ALGO, for Bitcoin’s blockchain infrastructure, so don’t sleep on $ALGO. Also, Anthony Scaramucci, raised a $100 Million dollars for Algorand.

  14. Mics seem like they are not balanced on the audio – Tobi on right speaker Heidi on left

  15. EOS projects begin funding by large budgets. moreover, projects like Bullish and Voice are on the way. It is technologically unrivaled. You don’t know anything about EOS

  16. Being I’m in the penalty colony on the other side of the planet I never seem to catch you live which is a bummer but always top on my list to watch next day. Happy to be a member of patron though so usually catch you early regardless.
    Thanks so very much for sharing the most realistic outlook on the whole space. We’re lucky to have you 🥂

  17. You can built your metaverse on Eos ecosystem.. there are already pending some projects. Don’t miss out.

  18. So, love crypto because I’m making tons of money, but one thing I keep thinking about is the power Satoshi holds…?

  19. you want to lend you “cash” during bear markets…do you mean your stable coins? any tips or video on how and where to lend cash? thks!!

  20. Developers are flocking back to EOS, and building world-class DApps on the best performing, lowest cost, programmable blockchain on the planet.

  21. EOS FUD! I’m unsubscribing why would u make statements without doing research?

  22. Hope you feel better soon, Heidi! 😊😎 OK, maybe you’re fine after all. For some reason you both sounded really stuffed up in this video… 🙃😳😑🤔Or, then again, maybe you are sickly!?!

  23. With block one’s holdings leveraged for network growth,pomelo startup grants and the outlook of bullish,Eos is far from failing.
    With some of the best web 3 tech eos will rise out above the rest

  24. Price is not everything. Someone has rightly said that Chase Perfection, money will follow. EOS is gonna rock in coming times.

  25. Tôi tin vào tương lai phát triển của EOS và hoàn toàn lạc quan về nó

  26. I think it is VERY Important to distinguish between EOS and B1. It’s a common misimformation to equate between them

  27. Guys you are speaking about unhealthy junk’ish virtual reality stuff, but at the same time you live on a island, and call yourself Christians and close to God. Kinda doesnt add up. You catch my drift?

  28. Way more nodes and validators on Harmony. Solana has a lot of catching up to do.

  29. Brock Pierce has always been a part of Eos and block one. I don’t trust Eos / Block One or Brock.

  30. Private keys are generated when you activate a wallet. So they apply to only that wallet, right? And can you re-generate the private keys to replace the first set?

  31. Meta in Hebrew means DEAD Dead Universe, who the hell wants to support that!!!