Enjin – ENJ Coin

Enjin Coin (ENJ) Huge Gains Coming? When parabolic action? Let’s check! Price Analysis and more! NFT

Enjin Coin price analysis and targets! When is ENJ going to go parabolic? 100% Gains could be around the corner! Lets jump into the charts and look at this NFT focused Coin! Cryptocurrency assets like NFT market places and digital assets could be huge!

How are you feeling for ENJ?
Do you have hope for the NFT Market place in general?
Let me know your feedback!

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  1. Got in on 2$ and so far can’t complain. In it for a long.
    About your work- easy to consume, you touch both bulls and bears, break it down nicely without overcomplicating. Information to the point. Just giving my 2 cents and also a comment will boost the algo :)

  2. I just bought more #ENJ. Love the potential that this particular crypto has moving forward into the future.

  3. You should use a larger dataset if you’re looking at daily / weekly – do it via binance charts instead of coinbase. Enjin already made a cup and handle on the weekly, which is part of the reason for the breakout it is having. Although i believe you are right in the fact it will be a much higher value in the very near future. Especially once the blow off top segment of the bull run hits. We could easily see a $10 – $20 enjin.