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In this video, I’ll show you why I think EOS is such a good investment opportunity right now at these low prices. I do think it’s possible to see gains around 100% by the end of the year with the announcement of the Bullish Exchanges when comparing this token to the BNB token and what it did when it stated to be used for fees on Binance.

Here is the last EOS video you want to watch:

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This video IS NOT financial advice. I am not a financial advisor. These are my personal opinions. For entertainment purposes only. Always do your own research and consult a financial advisor before investing.

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  2. Hi Travis! Since there’s such an absurd upside potential, wouldn’t holding this coin be a better alternative for the long term?

  3. Travis, on the topic of wildcard investments. What are your thoughts on SHIB? Do you think SHIB has high potential to climb further before the end of this year?

  4. You are basically trading based on how hight it got previously without any fundamental backup. What a joke.

  5. Since this has a lot of potential long term, are you going to consider adding this coin to your metrics/continue making videos on it?

  6. Eos has more than 100% to reach all time highs and then has to go on a spectacular bull run. My take profit is set at $50

  7. Bullish Global is still hiring but it looks like it’s come together very soon hope you’re righ!

  8. Ok but your not thinking about the exchange which it is dependent on. Binance is a top exchange there are many exchanges and can’t compare to Binance. However saying that doesn’t mean it won’t see a good load of profit, just possible not as well as BNB.

  9. Pretty pumped for this trade! Got some long term holds in EOS and XRP…Patience makes me wealthy!

  10. I keep saying that trading and investing is easy and safe with the right and guidance

  11. EOS could be like Binance or it could be like Kucoin… it’s 50/50 from here.

  12. Many coins out there and sometimes it’s vague to choose a coin to invest in lol

  13. I’m just doing some research on EOS, do you know when the bullish exchange is set to release?

  14. Was there any problem with EOS blockchain, why it didn’t pump with the others? I remember missing out on EOS when it was $1 and it went to $20…