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Ethereum (ETH) Crash? | Price Analysis – BE PREPARED!

The Ethereum crash happening right now sees us trading at $2600. We perform a realistic Ethereum price analysis to determine where we may end up if this trend continues. Could ethereum (ETH) dump back to $2000 or even lower below $1000?

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  1. This is on-chain analysis of ETH followed by regression analysis. This is not my opinion, this is objective data. A lot of people in the comments are not understanding what the realized price on-chain data is, this is simply the average price of ETH that has moved on-chain.

  2. When you say “realized price” is that the average cost basis for all holders?

  3. I’m planning to DCA Ethereum $350 every months for 5 years. It is still worth it to start now?

  4. Great analysis as always. Thanks heaps. Here’s my take – I think Eth down to 1800 and Btc down to 29k is nothing but certainty. I wont be surprised if it goes below that. Now that the crypto markets are so closely related to the stock markets (65% correlation for BTC and 66% for Eth, read it somewhere), cryptos will continue to sink as long as the stock markets sink. And, the stock markets have just started crashing. See what happens when the repurchasing actually stops and the first rate hike happens. I am expecting at least a 10-15k point correction of DJI from its peaks of 36K. Only another black swan event can give the excuse to central banks to restart money printing. But I think the central banks will actually reduce the money supply and increase rates. The central banker’s strategy to bankrupt people and seize their assets have always been to inflate first and then deflate (The Creature from Jekyll Island). Last 2 years was all inflation, now they will deflate. And it is not to be forgotten, that it was institutional buying that took the prices of cryptos to aths. Now the institutions are shit out of luck.

  5. Long story short….. hold on for the ride lol great video buddy! I had to look up what capitulation meant you say it all the time lmao just so I was clear lol

  6. Can’t compare the past too much , we are in a completely different era !

  7. This is a perfect time to DCA or begin your crypto journey, IMO. Anything lower than ~40k will be bought up quick..again just my opinion. Thanks for all you do..,.

  8. So what your saying seems to be stay away from crypto unless you want to lose your money

  9. It amazes me with just how many people believe “markets can only go up” and accuse you of bringing FUD if you say otherwise.

  10. I appreciate your anaysis… Excellent. I agree It certainly can drop to that price.

  11. Good data info but does the data account for the token burning than in the past?

  12. Lots of mental giants came out for this one. This is NOT a short term price prediction. Repeat, this IS NOT a short term price prediction. Listen to the video or don’t bother commenting. I’m not interested in debating 5th graders anymore. Your take will be instantly deleted if you don’t have an intelligent disagreement. I’m completely open to you telling me I am wrong, if you can do so with any degree of substance (this does not include, simply posting a clown emoji and cursing at me); If you don’t like that – you can go cry about it on some other channel.

  13. The name of yesterday’s candle is called (stop loss eating candle). Yesterday’s trap is not a real bullish candlestick
    The market is still declining. And one or two candlesticks are not a definite sign of an uptrend. Do not risk your capital, wait for the price to drop to 30,000

  14. Hellow my friend I got the DCA already . can I use this to DCA cosmos? thank you so much

  15. Awesome analysis! Could you do for Sand as well? Thx very much.. great content

  16. Hey Jay, you‘re doing some serious and valuable content! Just ignore those youtube trolls, misunderstanding your content. Just keep your sovereignty and keep doing your work

  17. Der Wettbewerb ist im Gange und jeder Trader möchte der Beste und Erfolgreichste sein, aber die Wahrheit ist, dass nicht jeder im Trading erfolgreich sein kann. Aber ich denke immer noch, dass Kryptowährungsinvestitionen immer noch die beste Option sind√