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  1. This is the title of every other f****** video on eth come on man. Not watch alot of ur latest vids. Look at titles

  2. Gregory can you do a segment on why elections should be switching to vote using blockchain technology? All the positives, I would like to forward that segment video to new 3rd party. thnx

  3. If Ether is so valuable, how come its # of daily transactions have stayed the same for over a year now? It was about 1.2mill then its about 1.2 mill now. Yes a lot of the potential increase went to layer 2’s, but would the increase of demand on layer 2’s make ETH more valuable? Is there a correlation here?

  4. I’ve lost quite a good number of coins in the current dip,I Just hope I find a way to recover from such a massive loss.

  5. If you watch conversations from Vitalik, he has gone from talking about the merge being the “big step” to talking about how sharding will be the “big step.” He is always moving the goal post. Kinda funny, yes unfortunately I bit on staking my ETH which is locked in and I’m not going to be able to use it until Coinbase releases it. I needed that money for my business. Dont be like me.

  6. Lol legit here comes the Boom bois…. See if you had converted your coins to Stable before hand then you would not have lost as much… Risk management and trading physcology are the Most important along with a Structure that you must follow in order to take a Trade…. I am sitting with Decent profits because I had all my coin to Stable before the crash and Just today 2022/02/04 I bought at the Dip and look at where the coins are now….


  7. I calculated I different price according to ark infest something like 170k price per eth in 2030

  8. The network should be called Ether and the coin should be called Ethereum because the ether is what everything moves through, light moves through the ether and so does everything else. Ethereum sounds like a rare element found in the ether. So everything will move through the ether, the network, and Ethereum is a valuable element found in the ether.

  9. when vitalik goes to rich person prison for under the table deals with the SEC, Eth will drop. Eth sucks.

  10. hello Gregory, could you please make a have how I can put my own token like a way for payment in my website e-commerce

  11. I will forever be grateful & indebted to you , you’ve changed my life whole life I’ll continue to preach your name for the world to hear you’ve saved me from huge financial debt with just little investment thanks so much Mrs Jane Cockrum .

  12. Hello your videos are great. Im also a fan of digital currency. Can we talk more about it?

  13. 🛑 stop trading, folks. Buy and hold, and sit back. Let it go up and down.

  14. Hello Mrs Mary is genuine and her work is sincerely very good and accurate I keep on earning it big every single week with her new unique way of trading strategy