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We provide another update on our #Ethereum outlook as it seems the price of #ETH still remains range-bound between $2k-$4k. Where do you think the price of #ETH is headed? Let me know in the comments! Also, we are launching a new Into The Cryptoverse #NFT on Feb. 3rd and another one on Feb. 5th. Anyone who holds both in their address on May 3rd will be able to claim a 3rd #NFT for free!

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  1. We are launching a new Into The Cryptoverse #NFT on Feb. 3rd and another one on Feb. 5th. Anyone who holds both in their address on May 3rd will be able to claim a 3rd #NFT for free!

  2. Crypto earnings take an investment of money and patience. If you don’t have patience, you will lose

  3. I said it months ago… I don’t getting outta bed for an ETH under $5k.
    Meanwhile, I’ll be playing guitar.

  4. Hey Ben! This is my first comment; although I’ve been following you for quite a while now.

    Is there a reason for using Heikin Ashi Candles? Or is just to “read” the trend better? Just curious.

    Best crypto channel ever; nay, best channel, period.

  5. Benjamin, love the content as always! No sb, call it as it is.
    Where to purchase the nft on Thursday?

  6. Eth is where it’s at. Crypto that you actually use. BTC is going to do well too, but Eth is a lot more exciting

  7. I’ve been seeing the same thing and I sold all my bitcoin at 49k and spent more than half to buy ether at 3300. Bought some bitcoin back at 42k just in case. I am expecting a massive green candle for ether, dogecoin, xrp, solana, chainlink and cardano while bitcoin maybe rallies a little to 75k

  8. I like the analysis but it all seems to be technical analysis. Do you use any potential catalysts in your analysis? What might happen if an etf approval comes in the next 3-6 months?

  9. Going sideways is what got me into crypto. As a new investor, seeing confidently that an asset is range bound made me feel safer in a risky investment.

  10. If ETH is in a year long sideways movement, based on your statements in this video, it would seem we’re already most of the way thru that.

  11. All timelines are lining up really well with the merge. If they repeat as suggested and we see ETH around $4K+ in May as the final sideways move, the merge (when ETH goes deflationary) is estimated for June/July. I think that could be the catalyst for the next leg up and we see $10K+.

  12. Do I look at it wrong when I say to myself. “The more expensive it becomes over time, the less people will buy”? I feel like the large rallys from the previous years came because it was cheaper and more exciting. I don’t want to be negative but I don’t think I will go much higher without crashing immediately again because most people investing are pretty broke these days. I’m on Team Ethereum and I will be for the foreseeable future but I have doubts the lambo is coming. Love you man and I wish you a wonderful day. ITC2

  13. Great video as always, very happy to see the quality ever improving! Do you have any thoughts on ALGO? Possibly as a competitor to ADA? Love to hear a thought from you, keep up the great work!!

  14. Thanks for the video Benjamin. Can you do a general video on external factors that impact the crypto market? (Money supply, market sentiment, etc) no doubt very dubious speculation haha

  15. Ben, don’t you want to start a new series “crypto for beginners” or something where you explain the basics without too much terminology? I have a lot of friends who are interested but they don’t understand what crypto or blockchain are, and I am reaaaaally bad at explaining things. It would be great if I could just send a video link to them. :D I’m sure beginners would appreciate it :)

  16. Benjamin I have a question for you. What are entities going to do when we don’t keep our money in bank accounts but instead keep them on the Blockchain how will they seize them?When one declares bankruptcy how are they going to figure out where our assets are?

  17. Last summer you discussed how a summer lull is often common for Ethereum. I’m wondering if we’re going to start to get warmed up again and then slow down again for the summer? Any thoughts?

  18. Still think it’s going to 1600-2000 before possibly going to all time highs again.

  19. TLDW:
    -Ben doesn’t think 1 year long crypto winter will happen and that lengthening cycles will prevail.
    -In 2016 – 2017, ETH consolidated between $6 – $17. ETH could now be similarly range bound between $2K – $4K, before a move up higher.

  20. Time seems to fly by faster compared to when I first invested in crypto just a couple years ago. 2023 is a short 11 months away…can’t believe it’s already February

  21. Extremely grateful to be able to own 1 full Eth after grinding my second job for a while now…. Patience is a virtue!!! I wish everyone the best of luck in this next cycle 🤝🤝🤝

  22. It might look sideways but losing %50 of your money within weeks even if you bought from 100$ per eth, it just isn’t cool :/

  23. As a person that bought at $200, he’s right we’ve been going sideways damn that’s wild he just made me realize that. Thanks bro

  24. Very relatable video. When price goes up, people tell me I’ve been lucky – when price crashes people tell me I made a poor decision. It’s never…. price up – good decision; price down – so unlucky!

  25. Eth is losing its TVL to other lAyer 1’s, I wouldn’t be all in in ETH anymore.

  26. Thanks, Ben! I might be going out on a limb here, but ETH might be bleeding relative to your new microphone at the moment.

  27. Great news from India today.. finally they have regulating transfer of crypto assets by proposing a flat income tax rate of 30% , without any expense deductions.. now we are on a solid legal footing for crypto transactions