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Ethereum Surges: What Next?

A new Into The Cryptoverse #NFT has launched! Those who have a “No Retreat, No Surrender” NFT ( ) and a “Bullish With A Couple Panda Bears” ( ) NFT in a single address on May 3rd will be able to claim a 3rd NFT for free!

The price of #Ethereum has surged recently – are we still following the 2016 fractal? What can we expect for #ETH heading forward? Let’s talk about the posssibilities!

Any still remaining by Feb. 8th will be burned!

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  1. I think the euphoria is coming from seeing some bullish movement during such overall bearish sentiment in the markets.

  2. That art is awesome!
    So when people say Ethereum flip bitcoin, that means by market cap not the actual price?
    Thanks Ben 🙌🏼

  3. “If you feel euphoric over a 3k ETH, go take a cold shower 🚿” lol 😆

  4. Most sound TA on YouTube. Do have one question though. With the lengthening cycles do you believe that we will still once the lengthened cycle “ends” will be followed by a lengthened 70-90 percent drop of a bear market for a couple years?

  5. It’s like none of us have anything better to do on a Friday night, Ben. Also… retail is here on your channel 📺 and watching you 👀

  6. Congrats on the NFT launch. You have stretched your mind to learn metrics and NFTs. Definitely no “maximalist” syndrome here.

  7. I had really wanted the prices to stay around 2500 a bit longer cause I just got paid..I wanted to add some more at that level. But, in crypto I guess you get what you get.

  8. I am feeling mortified. I thought I had 4 weeks at least to buy below 3k damnit. Settle down and let me stock up

  9. I saw an Interwiew of a Krypto Billionare the other day and he expects a chrash going into march that lasts until Summmer starts, he also expects 13k ETH and 100K Bitcoin by the end of the year. What does everyone think about this Theory?
    I make sure I’m holding more cash than usual going into march.

  10. i want the downtrend to go a little longer please. More time to DCA at these prices!

  11. I think we will go down below 33k
    Also we will face FED Rate + The White House about crypto market
    I hope we will go up to 46K

  12. Please Ben, we love you, but stop calling them “hikin’ ashy” candles… It’s pronounced (roughly) “hay-keen ah she”…

  13. I love it when you talk about the old days and your experience during that time.

  14. Posssible, because the incitators havn’t topped out, and if they havn’t topped out then is no reason to assume it’s topped out, a top happens after the market is overheated to such a degree that new highs are unatainable and then lowers highs happen by default. Right now where not even getting those higher lows.

  15. I would like to think Ethereum could reach the price levels you “dubiously speculated” in the future but I think its highly unlikely. Check out this tweet. Ethereum’s market cap is already greater than these companies. Ethereum is at 360 billion. Toyota market cap is 322 billion

  16. When ppl say lengthening cycles…should one stretch the fractal out to coincide with that lengthening when comparing say 2016 vs 2022? Otherwise what are we comparing cycle-wise?

  17. A $20K ETH is likely, 2.0 Merge in June 2022, triple halving: issuance 4%>2%>1% annually + ETH burning🔥 introduces deflationary pressure, network effects are only increasing adoption rates (exponentially), a BTC ETF is likely in the next 12 months, NFTs and DEFI are just scratching the surface, scaling solutions are gaining traction, for any patient ETH hodler, things look extremely bullish🚀

  18. Mixed feelings, ETH has a very large market cap so the price is a lot harder to move…Then again, 2016 wasn’t that long ago and it’s still a young asset that could have mass adoption soon, so we might still be in the early days right now

  19. Hey Ben
    Love your content

    Can you speak about the sundaeswsp iso in a future video.

  20. i think ETH works out something like BTC did 2017, and BTC looks like dooing something like ETH back then

  21. Hi Benjamin , I have only personally been in the market a year and a half, but from what I have surmised, I believe it is a different market place, with retail and now more corporate investments taking place. I think it may change the cycle of the market from here on out!

  22. Well I’ve seen this in the equities markets. The longer the consolidation period between two price points, the more explosive and parabolic move towards the upside. So when these things get ready to move they will move fast and explosive towards the upside 💎💎👊💎💎