metahero Presale – Metaverse 3.0 Experience

How to partake in the Exclusive Everdome Presale for HEROes

Everyone is looking for the next potential 1000x opportunity.. but dealing with launchpads and limited availability is tiresome.

We have decided to reward our true HEROes by guaranteeing spots on the presale of the most ambitious Metaverse project crypto has ever seen. 5% of the total supply has been reserved for you! Not only that, our true HEROes get massive land/property discounts all by following very simple rules.

A snapshot was taken at the time of publishing this information and all existing HERO holders were automatically added to our Everdome whitelist and are eligible to for one of 3 tiers.


-Any address that sells or transfers out HERO is permanently removed
-You may buy more or transfer in HERO to move up tiers
-Only non CEX wallets are eligible
-Only existing addresses at the time of the snapshot qualified for our loyal HERO tiers
-Any new addresses are only eligible for the 50,000+ HERO 1 slot (10% discount) and later the 100,000 HERO 1 slot option (5% discount)


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  1. so much hoops to jump thru for this B.S coin, there’s gonna be much better projects coming up in the near future. I shall wait on those

  2. do we need to submit our address to you or can you somehow just automatically see who holds metahero in their wallets just by holding them without submiting anything?

  3. Me i got one question please if i sold some metahero but before you make that video on the Last month and since you make that video i dont sell any hero am ok? For everdome

  4. Mam pytanie. Czy jezeli noe mialem hero podczas pierwszego snapshota 25 listopada a dokupie teraz przed 10 to czy nadal przysluguje mi slot przy zakupie 10k?

  5. wtf? Every one is buying the hero because it relates to Meta, now calling hero is only a gateway to the mata and transferring users to another project seems to scam the people who actually bought it first.

  6. When is matadome coming out? Can’t wait for the next and next and next …….

  7. Soooooo we can’t purchase in the pre sale? We can ONLY secure slots by holding MetaHero???

  8. Do we must send all $HERO to wallet? Can we leave them inside of exchange broker’s account to be snapshot?

  9. I wants to scan a bunch of military arsenal like the abrams tank and i wants to scan my self in mopp4+ ghiellie suit as a player model with infinite hp and ammo enabled and scan a bunch of zombies and demons cosplayers for infinite respawning from a dark portal that just keeps respawning evil targets every 36 sec or 6 depending on settings just for targets to shoot at in game and i want to scan a very beautiful angel cosplayer for a companion that smite all enemies with blinding light beam from the sky every 37 sec or 7.11 or 777 sec again depending on settings in game and i want a planet thats just pure nature scenery and i want a bunker basically just a hatch disguised as a rock on the ground so it doesnt distort the pureness of nature scenery and the hatch leads to a long elevator ride and at the end its just my barracks room 3d scan or my room in the house lol and the story is the main character died in combat and when he gets to heaven he requested God if he can torment the demons in a fun way and thats what he came up with lol and God being all powerful said sure why not lol and (and this could be a demo download to showcase whats possible in a metaverse lol)

  10. What is going to happen to the $HERO price once the Everdome presale is over and Everdome launches. It will be a 🔥 sale. This makes zero sense..

  11. So I just did some math. Let’s say the total supply of everdome tokens is 20 billion. That would mean 5% of it would be 1 billion. If 10k ppl qualified for 1 slot, and they bought the slot (still not sure if we have to buy the slot or of its given to us because we are holders of HERO tokens) then they would get 100k Everdome tokens. Because 100k is one ten thousandth of 1 Billion. If I’m wrong…let me know..

  12. Ughh, creating an entirely new token is going to screw up the HERO token, and from that you just go downhill, very stupid mistake seen and done by many others and not a single person has done well with it, literaly not one..

  13. Ciesze się ze mogę być częścią czegoś takiego. Jesteś kotem Rob 3 mam kciuki :)

  14. For the math:

    1 ten thousandth is 0.0001. OF 5% of the total supply (1,000,000,000) is 50 tokens. Don’t get too excited lol I doubt this will be worth more than a dollar out of the gate.

  15. Hi there!!
    Huge Metahero fan since the beginning and also a Hodler. The thing is that I sold some metahero for profits. I still have 5000 metahero thought.
    My question is would I be eligible if I buy 5000 metahero more before the snapshot of the 10th of December?

    Thank you for your response.

  16. Please advise how & where to connect Metamask wallet (holding HERO tokens) for snapshot on 10/12/2021 for land plot pre-sale in January 2022? Many thanks!

  17. Guys you really need to clarify your tiers.
    It seems to me that 40k HERO entitles one to 4 slots at level 1 tier discount each.
    Folks are having to distribute their HERO to multiple wallets as they think you’re saying that 20k HERO for example only entitles you to 1 slot on EVERDOME.

  18. I hold MetaHero, the gateway into the Metaverse. When I started listening to this guy I was expecting some dude with a sales pitch. Actually what I received was a run down of what they expect of themselves… push the envelope to do things differently, develop & build out quickly. I am willing to stick around for the ride!

    The only thing I wished was the team made a FAQ detailing some things like what time the snapshots get taken, which time zone & other common questions people have. The way the material states it now is that anoyone with 10,000 or more at any time zone during the 10th of December 2021 is part of that snapshot. I bought on the 10th so I will be wondering!

  19. Robert I will have you know. I along side 20 other people have Copied every video you have ever made. Every tweet. Every moment you have ever spent in Crypto. If this happens to be a scam. You will not be able to delete your traces. Do. Not. Mess with peoples Money. Good luck

  20. Basically the rich people gets more usual……. small normal people holders left out…great…thanks…

  21. You cannot fud other projects to gain investors. You keep saying other projects don’t know what they are doing, we know what we are doing that a red flag for us. Defaming others and hyping your project is worst way to approach in crypto universe.

  22. Hero token will have less use now and will dump after January. Don’t jump to next project without accomplishing something in current. Integrate metaverse in HERO..

  23. I have got HERO on one wallet but 2 accounts. one 4500 and other 6500. then I can not use the discount?

  24. Anyone knows how much is going to be one slot ? How much money we can intest with that?

  25. The develop of the Unreal and Unity engines is THE cutting edge for world building right now and this guy has a secret world engine????
    He has never built a videogame and is selling tokens and land for a world nobody has even seen yet? LOLOLOLOLOLOL.

    I have one word for you:


    Save your money unless you are here for the token speculation and dump.

  26. Does every country get Chambers? Because a lot of People
    can’t afford a plane ticket
    Or let alone take a picture in that chamber.
    .. looks like a game for the rich People for me.
    Why not use Phone for using picture? We got the technology. Or did i missed something? But for the rest a beautiful project🚀💪🏼

  27. Don’t slag other companies just talk about your own plans and goals you have achieved

  28. U made eveything complicated. I linked my trust wallet to meta mask and the meta mask doest work. I went to the website for presale. I can’t link meta mask. I only can link trust wallet. This is like making people go mad.

  29. After holding more than 10k hero tokens and seeing your presale i concluded that you are some sort of cheater. Since this youtube video you are in hibernation. I feel like you are lying to people.