EverDome is a Unique MetaHero 100X Presale Closing Soon!

Everdome is an upcoming Metaverse project from the MetaHero team and is an opportunity for MetaHero to showcase its technology stack that made the HERO token sale a success. Heres how to participate in this presale.

Everdome Website –

Buy Metverse land at big discount – Get extra bonuses when you make your first purchase –

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  1. Very informative! Metaverse is very hot at the moment. I’m waiting for the coin from Ertha, a life simulation project in metaverse, to be released.

  2. Thnx for your videos!
    Dumb question here: im kinda confused about the snapshot.. will we still be able to buy 10k metahero now to get garantueed allocation? Or is it 50k and are we to late?

  3. Hi Victor.Relly love your videos.I have question regarding Everdome presale.Do we just hold in our Metamask wallet for snapshot on 10th December?Or do we need to register our address somewhere?Keep up the good work

  4. Hi. Great channel!
    What is one slot equal to when buying everdome?
    And, what will the presale price be?
    Thank you

  5. Would be great if you could show how to participate in this early bird event (talking about it makes it a bit abstract). Txs for a great channel!

  6. I am a proud owner of SHIB and it would be amazing if it reaches a cent or even a dollar. I’m not sure how SHIB works for metaverse compared with other tokens such as SAND, GALA, MANA, or BSC (which the upcoming metaverse Ertha is based on among other metaverse games).

  7. Ready for metahero huge drop? Next weeks are going to be disastrous before prise stabilizes early next year. Its badly managed coin. and capital is likely to start shrinking sińce coming friday.

  8. Can we save our $hero in Trust wallet to be available for the pre sale too?

  9. You did not explain what the air drop is. What do you get for 10000 Meta tokens? A Discount on land? Anything else? You did not explain. Thumbs down.

  10. Please advise where to connect Metamask wallet to get whitelisting for Everdome land sale after buying HERO tokens for 10/12/2021 snap shot? Many thanks!

  11. How/where I’m gonna be able to buy Everdome? I’ve never participated in any presale

  12. Rob Gryn is a real ceo.
    Had bought metahero early because he is successful.
    And he does not fuck around.
    So… I’ll be buyin everdome on presale 100%.

    These products are goin to be huge.