Everdome presale for HEROes explained

In case you missed the Everdome pre-sale explanatory video, we wanted to take the opportunity to dedicate some space to it.

Key dates to remember:
Nov 25: first snapshot
Dec 10: Second snapshot (close of Early HERO access)
Jan 10: Final snapshot (close of all whitelisting)

⚠️ Remember, any selling or transferring out of your whitelisted wallet before the pre-sale removes your wallet from the list.

🚀 Get ready for the ride of your life, again.



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  1. Presale with over 200,000 wallets and 10% totaling 2 billion coins?
    That would only be 10,000per slot?
    Omg that would be so disappointing!
    That’s nothing. Alot of people will be bitching about that.

  2. Hei Robert, dziekuje Tobie i calemu zespolowi za fantastyczne projekty i za mozliwosc wziecia udzialu w przedsprzedazy Everdome. Ale jak chyba kazdy kto czeka na to wydarzenie i dla kogo jest to zupelna nowosc wziecie udzialu w presale , chcialabym abys zrobil filmik w ktorym wytlumaczysz nam jaka waluta bedzie obowiazywac do zakupu, czy to bedzie BNB czy cos innego. Chcialabym miec mozliwosc przygotowania sie do tego tak jak nalezy. Czy zakup bedzie sie odbywal bezposrednio z portfela ? Ja mam np tylko Trustwallet . Czy wobec tego mam miec na Trustwallet zgromadzone jeszcze np BNB i ile na 1SLOT ? Mam obecie tylko 10400 Hero ,jezeli zalozmy 1 SLOT to bedzie rownowartosc np. 200 $ to niepotrzebne blokuje moje $ w BNB i moglabym zdazyc przed 10.12. dokupic ze 20 tys Hero . Nie wiemy tego i nie mozemy sie rzetelnie przygotowac. Czy moglbys nam to objasnic , bo czas goni. Czekam z wiadomosciami do ostatniej chwili i trzymam wciaz moje Hero na Kucoin zeby ew. dokupic. Bardzo prosze o objasnienie dla laikow w jaki sposob mamy zakupic Everdome, czy przez jakas zdecentralizowana platforme? Bezposrednio np z Trustwallet? Czy mamy to zrobic z reki czy stanie sie to automatycznie? Pytan jest mnostwo, Pozdrawiam caly zespol Metahero mega serdecznie

  3. Ich kann es kaum erwarten. Ich setze grosse Hoffnung in das Team und das gesamte Projekt

  4. So if you have less than 10 k coins you will not join the pre sale? And how it gonna be and when? I really want to get into it but I don’t think that I hold enough hero.

  5. How does the snapshot done? Do we need to screenshots our hero on metamask or trustwallet?

  6. SOMEONE ANSWER PLEASE.. is 10k the minimum amount of hero to be in the whitelist?? if i have less am i in or nah?

  7. I’m trying to figure out how do I sell my metahero in my trust wallet I don’t know what to do…if anybody can help that would be gladly appreciated

  8. will the screenshot be taken automatically? is there nothing more to do? thanks for ur answer !!

  9. No explanation on the projects whatsoever on the website. Nah, sorry . Have to let go of this vague project. There are always new projects :)

  10. Explained my ass. To be frank, this is bullshit. People invested a lot of money into HERO and you people act like this needs to be some mystery! All kinds of disinfo going and due to you lack of explanation, some people got scammed through some person telling people to secure their spot they had to insert their seed phrase to verity their wallet. All could have been avoided with more clarity.

    It seems that the slots guarantee you DOME coins but not the pre-sale. Seriously, this vagueness is unacceptable.

  11. When the presale will gonna happen? I don’t have tweeter so please update here if possible

  12. The tokenomics are confusing, when making videos it would be good to address many of the questions investors will want to know the answers to.

  13. So, still no updates on how many everdome tokens per slot or just any info on the token really? Where is the community discussion held?

  14. Wait.. so.. is everdome the new token to buy? What will happen to METAHERO once everdome is on? Will metahero become useless? Does that mean I should sell my metahero?

  15. If i buy today on 30/12/2021, am i still eligible for join the whitelist for everdome?

  16. So when is presale??, and what coins we will be buying in presale?? Are coins everdome coins??

  17. How do I get my everdome land or tokens? I’m an early hero holder. 10k. But I don’t see any new info. Only scammers wanting my info

  18. For a newbie like me this is confusing. So I own metahero – do I have to get on a launchlist or am I automatically on it?