Everything You Need to Start Yield Farming on Solana

In this video I go through everything you need to start yield farming on the Solana network, including the Phantom Wallet, Raydium, Solfarm, and Saber. Solana is distinguished by its high transactions-per-second and extremely low fees, enabled by its unique Proof of History mechanism.

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0:00 Intro to Solana
3:55 Phantom Wallet
4:56 Raydium
9:14 SolFarm
11:59 Saber
13:31 Defi Llama


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  1. Thanks man for sharing your knowledge much appreciated. Maybe in future video you could talk about some popular coins under Solana and perhaps some to keep an eye on.

  2. I liked this vid and I’d also really like more of a ‘Solana DeFi for Beginners to DeFi’ vid. Like really show us how to do each step, from the very beginning…


  3. Great Video! I was on Raydium yesterday and picked up some new tokens. The Fee’s are basically free! I avg. (0.000005 Sol=0.00009 USD) I hope that there is rapid adoption of Solana, since it’s gas fees are non existent compared to ETH. I can’t trade with ETH anymore, way to expensive!
    The Polis token is the governance token (DAO) for Star Atlas. Just came out a week ago!

  4. Have you tried port finance on solana? I’m particularly interested in port because of their token’s really low market cap. Thanks!

  5. I love trying new things in crypto, nothing ever works right. I’ll try again some other time.

  6. Great presentation. Everything is clear about Solana due to your channel, thank you for sharing.

  7. Tnx for video. I have problem i have in my phantom wallet unknown token 62 dolars. How i chance this

  8. Sonar is an excellent tool to keep track of all of your portfolio in the Solana ecosystem too.