Fantom’s Top 5 Yield Farms! Over 1000% APY

Where can you go to get the biggest yields on Fantom? Thats exactly what this video is about. Earn APYs of over 1000% and some over 3000%!

The criteria for selecting these farms is a combination of yields as well as team behind the project. These are high APY plays that have solid development behind them.

Sites discussed in this video:

I also am a huge fan of https://spookyswap.finance and https://spiritswap.finance as the two biggest dexes on Fantom. However I wanted to give some air time to some of the other projects that don’t get as much attention.

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  1. 🔥 awesome job Austin. The foo tokenomics are what’s propping it up. Not like a typical farming coin. I’ll drop a vid on it

  2. Love it! Glad you got $TAROT in here – I have been so impressed with Tarot. #CryptoNews #Fantom #FTM

  3. tomb and spooky are coming for the entire defi sector, don’t miss these ones frens

  4. I like Tarot but they need to work on their dashboard. Would be nice to able to see the Liquidation price info there. This way we can quickly see how our collateral is doing without having to go in each farm

  5. hey there super videos but could you make your Video quality a little sharper its always blurry to view a higher rersulution would be nice thanks in advance and keep up the good work

  6. I found Tarot to be very straight forward
    one of my favourites
    absolutely love single sided lending … great for those who are risk adverse

  7. Fantastic job! This is a huge help to a complete Fantom newbie like myself. I might have to overcome my dislike of Discord and get involved with the FTM Alert community.

  8. On with Meiki, FTMA, said scream is a fork of compound (not cream). Maybe he is correcting himself here?

  9. how do you remove deposit from crypt, ? im having issues withdrawling my lp token

  10. wait …u realize you are not allowed to use SCREAM and also Tarot to if you are in USA ….have you ever been concerned that your funds will be locked.