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  1. Have a question with the free Lkmex I received I locked the 100% up in the ELDG Mex pool. Was I suppose to lock up 66% in the Mex pool and the other 33% in the EGLD Mex pool? Because I have 100% position locked for a year in the EGLD Mex pool

  2. How do you have no egld if you can’t swap it yet? How do you stake egld to Maiar dex when you can only stake Mex?

  3. salut alex,nu prea inteleg engleza si cred ca pot invata multe de la tine, se poate sa imi dai niste sfaturi ceva te rog

  4. Salut Alex!Se va putea cumpara Mex? Dacă da, când? Prețul la Mex e reflectat de valoare egold?

  5. Think you misunderstood the 75x, it’s the multiplier for mex that pool receives. The ROI is based on the interest rate and time and compound interest. Will still be insane rewards for mex!

  6. Mex price if it reaches uniswap market cap around 0.013p but elrond will also incorporate features like lending and borrowing etc so could be even more in future NFA

  7. Definitely your point on the 75x reward is not correct. 1x farm receives 50,000MEX. hence a 10x farm receives 500,000 MEX. Thus a 75x farm receives 3750000 MEX as reward. You will receive a % of that reward dependent on the size of your farm stake verses the total farm size. From my calculation my reward would be0.00017529% of this MEX Reward in a 75x farm.which is about 657MEX. but as the size of the farm increases your reward will decrease as it is shared between more people. I can’t see in their Q&A how often these rewards are paid out?

  8. Ayoo! Bun tare acest content despre crypto pe care văd ca îl faci de ceva timp. Chiar îmi face plăcere sa te aud vorbind in engleza, spre deosebire de alte clipuri de pe alte canale, în alte perioade ale vieții tale😁

  9. Si tu ai luat teapa dand stake la EGLD-MEX inainte de adaugarea acelei lichiditati de 1,29 bil care a crescut pretul la MEX de 6x?