Feeding the whales #saitama

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  1. This was highly promoted in countries that are poor. That 100 bucks which was probably 400 or more in it at ATH and is alot of money to them!

  2. The best catalyst for Saitama is to forget about the reflections and just go on a big exchange. Let the investors decide where to go, reflections vs exchange. I personally can care less about exchanges

  3. Best analysis I have seen in crypto for some time. You could literally keep an entire channel going doing this per meme coin. This would be very helpful for new investors.

  4. Same with Shiba Inu got in at 5 zero and I pulled up at 4 zero with profit now if I had gotten in with 10 or more zeros then $$$$$$ so clearly understood. With that said you gotta spend money to make money

  5. People said the same thing about Shiba. The chances if it happening are very slim. Whatever hyper burn people are talking about won’t really happen unless 10’s of millions of people use Saitamask and swap coins. Also need a couple million investors to join. Def an up hill battle but holding long term is still the best play unless you’re for sure another coin will moon 🤷🏽‍♂️ the only way to boost things is to get top 5 exchanges!

  6. Even with the exchanges that has been listing shinja it dumps in the high 2s it’s been doing that for months those exchanges haven’t been doing anything they are just liquidity for the whales just like every token the early investor wins I wait for shinja to fall to 13 or below I buy in with 10k I sell in high 2s take my profit wait for it to do it again and put the 10k back same with saitama it pumps to 4s or mid 3s I take profit buy back in in the 2s just like Shiba back in the day it pumped to 000009 I sell buy back in at the 6 or 5 and repeat till it break resistance so honestly dude there’s no difference in none of these tokens you just gotta see support and resistance and the more bias y’all are with these tokens for whatever reason idk it’s weird to me crypto beefs ppl gossiping like lil girls I love money being emotional in this space is why alot of y’all followers will lose in the end saitamask (if they fix it) is a much bigger catalyst than any of them little exchanges shinjas listing on and ik ppl don’t like to admit it but Saitama is much closer to listing on any top exchanges than shinja is I made alot of money on both and that’s just the reality of it all and y’all can’t see it bcuz y’all bias 💯

  7. We thank em
    Love the $ they keep feeding Us even after seeing so much, Or ignoring so much
    Love Shaitamachimps

  8. Well, you already said Saitama was dead and you were selling all yours back in November. You called it dead then, why not now? Anyway….you show clearly that holders above $10K in Saitama only account for 3.1% of all holders. BUT in Shinja, holders with greater than $10K control 5.3% of the wallets! Meaning Shinja small bag holders are MORE at the mercy of the whales than Saitama holders are of the whales over there.
    There’s is ONLY a 15 percentage point difference between the 55% small Saitama holders and the 70% small Shinja holders. BUT the $10K and beyond group in Shinja has more than 60% greater percentage of value than that of the Saitama group. SO whose whales have more control here?
    Hell, in Shinja the holders at $1000 and above control 32.3% of the wallets. In Saitama they control only 20.1%.

  9. Haha, can you say the same about Saitana? If they get major exchanges? Bottom line everyone throws in some $$ on this coins with over 9-11 zeros on them hopping and praying they make it to a cent. Instead of investing top coins. Good luck 👍🏼

  10. Why is it that broke motherfucker with the Less than blue collar job, gets so angry when a coin bites them.
    Your truck doesn’t even have a sleeper man which means you’re a local driver taking that pay cut so you can help out with your wife’s boyfriends kids.

    You’re the kind of guy I want to impress upon the fact that Crypto is about patience and even the shittiest fucking coins like those would’ve made you a millionaire if you could’ve sat on it for four years or worse eight years.

    Your wife sit at home with her bed blue hair dye job and her meaningless tattoos that you pay for with your 9 to 5, But if you spent half the energy you do fuding one coin that you could Finding the strength to hold, You could have a new wife a new job and a fleet of trucks or house in Puerto Rico with servants and no job for the rest of your life.

    The point is your vitriol is not needed and it’s really kind of the worst way to spend mental energy, Saitama is going to succeed whether you hate it or not there’s nothing you can do that influence the outcome of this coin.

    At this point they had no more snags then Apple has before they released the iPhone. The Internet forgets and overtime when the market is at an all time highs, there’s going to be a coin grab and history will repeat itself,
    Like it has time and time again. I wish I could trade your money for you I wish I could be your willpower. But the fact that you’re angry at one coin one team and not even the ones that are actually deserving of it ,in reality.

    Anyway I will pay for you to fork saitama All you have to do is draw up a business plan and prove that you can manage the coin and we’ll see how easy it is . Note, Contracts will be locked liquidity will be locked tokenomic will stay the same.

  11. Lmfao. How bad does it feel to have bought the top and hate a token. Relax bitch and move on…..

  12. Great video bruh! In 20 years time…all that dust could add up to a ton of profits…dat passive-passive income.

  13. Old news…everyone already knows this. It is the same with every project. Shinja is even worse

  14. Saitama holders and cultists will wake up and realize that Russ is the enemy within. Hes already been paid and Saitama will eventually, slowly just bleed out and fade away. He wins. You lose.

  15. Saitama devs need to rest and start back fresh. When writing a program its hard as hell to to battle bots and bugs while battling exhaustion. They should take 5 to 7 days off. Upon return – delay launch until after the March event.