Feg – Feg Token

FEG Token News – Smart Defi 🦍👀

FEG Token News – Smart Defi 🦍👀
Welcome back to your weekly FEG news and updates! This is a quick look over the recent Medium article that FEG posted, explaining the dynamics of FEGex, the Fwrap mechanism in place, and it’s crazy benefits! Let’s check it out!

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FEG Website – https://fegtoken.com/
FEG Twitter – https://twitter.com/FEGtoken
FEG on Coingecko – https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/fe
FEG on FEGCharts – https://charts.fegex.com/charts/0x818E2013dD7D9bf4547AaabF6B617c1262578bc7

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  1. kral türkçe altyızılı yapabilirsen çok ıyı olur çünkü türk yatirimçilar feg’e büyük ilgi veriyor.teşekürler

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  3. Thanks for the vid. So is this oy for Feg (bnb)? What’s the main difference between fegbnb and fegeth?