Feg – Feg Token

Feg Token |$ Price Predictions | Technical Analysis | Bulls Back?

✅FEG 2% Tax on 3 Tx’s:
(3) Buys/Sells/Transfers burn FEG
-1.1708%(+)/ transaction FEGeth
-1.1399%(+)/ transaction FEGbsc

✅0.5% of SmartDeFi sells Tx’s buy & burn FEG
✅0.1% of FEGex buys burn FEG
✅0.1% of FEGex sells burn FEG
✅0.5% of FEG p2p transfers burn FEG
✅0.5% of all presale totals buy & burn FEG



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  1. very good explanation, I can only suggest, if you can provide subtitles in various countries about your explanation, not only $FEG going to the moon your channel will experience a subscriber boom 💣💣💣

  2. Holding strong 💪 cant wait to see my portfolio in a few years. Ill be retiring 😎

  3. Yeah we were breaking out and a whales sold 4 trill and killed it..not sure why they are manipulating the price so bad here with feg. But still holding.

  4. When is deployed?????? They keep saying when it does, when it does it will be good, when it does … When tho?

  5. This has expanded the longterm wedge which I believe will make this next run about 2 weeks and possibly for short time goto 6 zeros for a couple hrs. Will be interesting to see and hopefully Fegex gets on cmc soon, I feel that is more important than the defi deployer. Thanks for info as always Rico.