Gamezone 20x – 100x Launching on BSCpad and Tronpad | How to Participate💲

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Gamezone 20x – 100x Launching on BSCpad and Tronpad | How to Participate💲



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  1. First
    Bro i have a question can we participate in the sale without staking tronpad?
    Kindly reply me

  2. Missed all of them brother… Pls do a detailed video.. when the price goes down. Many of us are only beginner.

  3. Thank you brother for the great video, please could make a video or explain here the KYC process for tronpad shall I make the BSC KYC air where I make the KYC for staking tronpad and one more thing also in tronpad connect wallet feature is not working for me, what you’re using tronpad wallet in google chrome extension or how ? To connect wallet in tronpad website for staking I have now tronpad coins but I’m not able to stake in order to participate in the projects and also the KYC aim stuck at it. Thanks again brother appreciate. Much love from your fans in Dubai hope to meet you soon in person.

  4. Excellent video! How does one participate if you live in the United States? U.S residents are excluded for many of these projects. The question is how does one get around the KYC? Thanks 🙏🏽

  5. Bro what is the different from bscpad and tronpad tiers.. can we get same amount of coins on both ??? Because tronpad price is higher than bscpad na ..

  6. Brother 50000 tronpad investment for allocation, so this is very expensive fo me 😣😭😭

    That’s the reason I miss all new presale in tronpad 😭😭

  7. Doge prime token starts selling. will distribute dollars to users. I follow closely.

  8. Hi my friend, if we put in 50,000 into trim pad how much can we invest in gamezone? Can I put 5k? And when can we sell do you know

  9. Please Sir, which wallet address should I add in the KYC verification???
    Please reply

  10. Hi bro, nice video! I have a question, how does this 50x-100x profit work out in a situation when you don´t get your allocated token all at once. I would assume most of the profit is made at the first few minutes of the launch when the price pumps and then you have the dump. So when you have only 20% of the allocated token to you (at first), how come does it account for 50x/100x profit because at the time when you receive your remaining token each month, the price would have dipped right? I hope you understood my question :)

  11. I am a tier too because of you. thanks. . How many projects can we expect each month and how much it would affect these pads when lack of new projects.

  12. Bro please Hind me video pura video banvo please all deatils bato sir ji request he apki

  13. Great bro thanks for the video! question?, I did my KYC with gamezone & both pads but I have never participate IDO’s before. I have bscpad&busd token’s, do I need to be staking my bscpad&BUSD now? qualify for gamezone IDO on the day of launch? your assistance on the matter will be greatly appreciated!!

  14. dude just mention in videos that whatever allocations we get is not real profit, real profit is only if u can cash out all tokens at TGE. after 2 3 months those locked tokens values can go down below ido price as well. just mention this point and highlight so they people wont become greedy.

  15. Can you please tell me how I as a usa resident I can participate on any of these launchpads because to my understanding I can’t participate because I can’t pass the kyc? any info would help

  16. You mentioned that now tron pad is high price to buy and stake, so how do we get to buy Game Zone token? I mean the ido before they launch.

  17. hey I had a question I NEED HELP, so the game zone I’m buying at ADAPAD but however do I need adapad token or BNB or BUSD? I’m so confused and worried because it’s coming out tomorrow?!

  18. Do i have to fill tge whitelist form allso or not bro on tron pad?thank you nice video👍👍👍