HERO Update #6 + Insights from Rob

🎙 HEROes, we have your weekly $HERO update from Rob. More than just an update on things to come, this video also offers a deeper insight into Rob’s thinking at this moment, around everything Metahero.


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  1. Rob Gryn is based. Thanks for calling out rekt maker coins like safemoon. I’m a day one Hero and ain’t selling any tokens for years.

    Robert Gryn, Alex Mashinsky and Richard Heart, the three horsemen of the FIAT apocalypse

  2. Robert says he didn’t want to just created a token to double in a day, yet this token had over tripled already!!!
    Love this team, this project, and the direction they are going.


  4. I am grateful for the opportunity given to me to be #my own hero. Good job guys, keep it up !! ♥️♥️♥️

  5. you’re funny & well spoken and gorgeous! I can’t help but love how happy you look when you say something you’re excited about, and it really shows in how your voice softens up. I’m gonna fall in love if you don’t stop being so awesome


  7. congratulations for the idea of incresing the marketing in south korea!!!

  8. Olá job. Poderia mi da uns metahero pra eu compra uma casa. Pra minha família essa aqui e minha carteira. 0x8909fc5CDfc25D6dddeF08F81Ce8A64CfBF24e3d

  9. 是的,ROB,你说的没错,我们应该投到有价值的coin。你们的商业实业3D、3v技术与区块链结合是超前的,赋于HERO能量和流通基础,将来可以和努力让HERO走向世界第一,世界第一

  10. Holding safemoon and metahero ….
    Sorry bro love both projects… And watching a math wizard and competition winner safemoon mark (yale grad by the way ) break down the math on safemoon you cant convince me to sell it because the math doesnt lie . Safemoon made the tokenomics your token is using popular so dont shit on others tokens to pump yours bro… If your token is that good… They will come . safemoon …real wallet miltary grade encryption with a buy button. Safemoon exchange…blockchain and smartchain just like binance all coming before years end. Goodluck to both projects

  11. What a great achievement good job everything with time Keep on going Hero…

  12. Come on bro. Don’t slander other coins. I have Metahero and Safemoon. And I’ve made a hundred thousand off 1000 dollars on Safemoon and I still hold about. Wallet exchange card and Blockchain. So. It’s not cool to Fud other coins. Just stick to your coins

  13. So yea. I put 5000 in Metahero. And I’m in it for the long haul. But yea I still have 10 billion Safemoon. It’s all a risk.

  14. People love safemoon,so best stop talking on that subject.Just concentrate on metahero.People have money in both and it`s not a good look to dump on another crypto.

  15. Had trouble buying my HERO tonight on pancake. Same slippage as i bought last time, BNB Smart Chain was loaded, tried to swap but it kept bringing up a message that wanted me type confirm on a line because of a 10 percent prive difference. After typing CONFIRM it still doesnt allow the purchase. Annoying. I bought some Tenset instead. I hope this is fixed next time around. Not good.

  16. I don’t like the way Rob has to trash other projects to talk up Metahero..

  17. I want that heroswap like yesterday. Listening to Rob makes me want to invest everything. My 💩 coins are in need of a HERO ✊

  18. Awesome! I am very much looking forward to the possibility to buy Metahero via the app!
    Warning to those who contemplate to buy hero via Bitmart – this is a fraudulent platform, they have stołem my money.
    Please avoid using their services for your own good.

  19. Is he planning to save us from this sick world we live in? So what about that skin of yourself in video games? Please tell me it’s the first one!

  20. Guys I may have said some negative stuff about this project in the earlier videos and for that I sincerely apologise to the whole Metahero team. My hero tokens have all come back home in to my wallet now, but it would’ve been nice to hear from the team as to why my tokens were disappearing. Anyway all the best 👍

  21. One big thing which nobody talking about…can you explain me how can you use for example 3d scanned can of Coke without license in metaverse or any other platform? Without IP all these NFT’s gonna be useless….

  22. Only nft platforms with real IP and licences gonna rule this background VEVE and OMI is the future!!!

  23. Hey Rob,
    Why is Metahero reward system called staking, if the HODLing time doesn’t really influence the amount of coins that you get as a reward?
    For example, if someone holds 1k HERO for a year, he will earn exactly the same amount in rewards as a person who bought 1k hero a year later, that doesn’t seem right.
    Could you comment on this, justify why you have chosen to make it that way?

  24. When are we gonna be able to see this 3d scanning actual result? Only next year?

  25. Don’t fud safemoon cuz I will be buying hero with safemoon, not sure you are educated

  26. Safemoon is also impacting the world , where is your Blockchain?

  27. So Elon musk could potentially post something on Twitter about this project in the future 😬

  28. Safemoon and metahero are both great tokens. I wouldn’t call safemoon a meme coin, plenty of utilities coming up

  29. I bought dream(^-^)
    may b talkin about other crypto feels…
    but love his personality n honesty.
    of course this huge project as well!

    Im holding this till next year!!
    Lets goooo MetaHero!!!

  30. I can’t send this token from MetaMask. Still getting “Fail with error ‘MetaheroToken#22′”. What is the reason?

  31. When is going to be the event in Dubai and how can I get my tickets?

  32. Can you make the deflationary part more clear? Will coins owned by users like me get burned overtime? Or is it coins owned by the company reserves or something that gets burned? Also having a circulating supply of nearly 5 billion when daily volume is under 10 million makes no sense. At that level of supply price should drop a lot, why is the price right now at 0.03 usd? That means we are already at a market cap of 150 million with just 7 million daily volume. Is this happening because of the deflationary nature of the coin? Some clarity would be great. I’m holding $2000, if I’m convinced I will put more

  33. When you listen to this man makes you feel like converting all your coins to metahero, woow