The Metahero army descended upon Dubai last month – all in hopes of being the first in the world to get scanned.

We were able to catch up with both of our competition winners, in this case, Jaygo Bloom, and have a short chat about his thoughts on the project, and the experience as a whole.✊

Thank you to all HEROes who made the trip and Jaygo for spending time with the team to learn more about the project and give us your feedback.



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  1. Im feel like Rob need to gave us more information about event, and realistic plans for future

  2. This Project gonna explode 🤯 and this is $1 trillion industry to be made easy very easy. 🧨🧨🧨🧨🧨🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀

  3. The concept of an avatar of a person who got scanned, then died, being able to be animated and speak in VR to their descendants in the future, is quite fascinating! I can imagine a “coming of age” ceremony 200 years in future where avatars of 7 generations of fathers or mothers speak to the new generation saying, “we now pass on to you the responsibility to take care of the Earth for the next 7 generations!”

  4. HERO gonna be huge. But they have been in bed with the bad guys since day 1. I put their ethics on a similar level as Facebook.

  5. Honestly, without good marketing MetaHero won’t explode… I’m a Hodler and I beleive in project. Please go on with marketing 😉

  6. This could apply to your ancestry record for future generations to see and cherished

  7. I thought Metahero was taking influencers out to Dubai.. Where are al those scans? I can’t find any videos.

  8. To the moon baby i hope they will make a lense contact to enter to the metaverse by our eyes contact à full emersion on the metaverse world like avatar

  9. Great project with a lot of possibilities! Robert needs to do more marketing to get it out there! Keep up the good work lads.

  10. Excellent project. Bless from Perú. We need a meta scanner here. 👍👌🍻

  11. IF THEY ANNOUNCE NEW TOKEN .. THAT MEAN IT’S A SCAM … SCAM … SCAM … AND we CAN SUE THEM … BECAUSE they reduce the value of hero by doing this … and they force the holders to buy the new token … We bought hero for the original project … The new token will be the main token … and we just bought hero to bought the new token . What a SCAM .

  12. What About the animation or movement? Everyone will be always still? I mean they can scan everyone but can they make them interact?