HEX vs. PLS vs. PulseX: Trustless Yield (Staking, Delegating, Yield Farming)


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  1. Great video man. The future is going to be very exciting. Thanks for all you do brother

  2. You’re awesome! Thanks for arranging all this information into a neat and organized manner. Your charts are amazing too btw!

  3. Stake HEX… Check.
    Delegate Pulse….Check.
    Provide Liquidity with PulseX… That’s a no go. Too much price volatility, especially during the first couple of months after launch. Maybe when it 100x’s I’ll throw 10% in an LP with whatever PRC stable coin that’s mass adopted.

    Great video, love your explanations!

  4. So if HEX does become much cheaper on ethereum, can’t you just buy eHEX for cheaper and bridge it to the pulsechain? Thats one thing I never understood

  5. I might be loosing out for not staking but I’m not touch eth until the docking prices drop to a sane level! One stake costs way more than what you will get back on hex, hell NO! even if the token price rises right now it’s called auto assault

  6. So if I delegate all my Pulse for 1 day are there shares involved or not as it’s in Hex where the total amount of shares matters not the amount of HEX.
    Does Pulse have the same system with shares or not? Also, will LPB and BPB if I stake/delegate all my Pulse for 6 months or 1 year?

  7. Your knowledge is valuable but….. you’re boring to watch.
    Your doin your best bro.🤙🏼 and ill still keep watching, but ya gotta make things a bit more captivating.

  8. 33 block miners doesn’t sound very resilient to attack. With a small bot farm an attacker could easily take a network of 33 ‘consumer’ nodes down. Cloud hosting would provide significant protection, sheer network bandwidth and pretty advanced real-time attack detection but you could probably target 33 nodes running on a large cloud provider without triggering volume / DDOS mitigation (it would just look like small volume to the cloud provider). I hope the team are thinking about this. Richard loves talking about no downtime, but he’s possibly taking for granted how difficult it is to do this properly.

  9. Hey Gerardo. Great content as usual! I always appreciate the way that you explain things. Maybe you could help me understand something… I recently read the article going around about the majority of liquidity providers on v3 are losing money due to impermanent loss. I didn’t really understand 100% of the article, but I was hoping that maybe you could discuss this in an upcoming video, and how this might affect PulseX liquidity providers as well. Thanks!

  10. Why does noone ever talk about the systemic risk of the creator addresses owning 95% of the supply?

    It’s never talked about and it should be addressed so all the fud is out in the open.

  11. if I understood correctly, on pulse chain network ill be able to buy Hex directly without the need to buy eth first to then swap ? cheers, you’re a champ, HEX forever .

  12. Great video, can’t wait to know more about delegating, misdemeanors and felonies sound scary, I’m gonna have to take some notes!

  13. Great stream, man! Thanks to Gerardo for helping us dumber hexicans understand everything lol

  14. Are you concerned that the OA will own 99% of liquidity and thus get 99% of trading fees? Not much left for liquidity providers.

  15. Can you explain how I can use my ERC20s to provide liquidity for pulsechain? I have seen RH talk about it several times but I do not know how once everything kicks off

  16. So I got a bunch of PLSX coming. Got a little bit of hex and No PLS. I’m not gonna be able to put my PLSX to work unless I get a boatload more hex or PLS to create LPs? That kinda sucks as I’m out of dry powder and no one is gonna want to trade PLSX for PLS 1to 1 pre-bridge. What can I do here?

  17. Re: PLS Delegating — Please don’t misconstrue these questions as criticism, I simply don’t understand this 33 node maximum, it seems like not enough for security, and also not very open (e.g., WHO gets to be one of the 33 and why?). And, what would happen if you soft-locked your coins on one and then it went dark? There has to be something native in the protocol that ensures that delegating is trustless and decentralized relative to holding coins on an exchange… right?
    Love your videos, thanks!

  18. Hey mate great break down hex pulse and pulsex which I have invested in thanks to you and I onboard all my mates and family awesome show i mean you make it so easy in the break down we are so pleased to awesome professional honest person like you

  19. Can you make a video talking about PLSX total supply (including PLS minted by AMM bot) and the PLS that’s handed out to sacrificiers and how this might affect price? Since the majority of PLS is not held by wallets rather than the AMM address that could be interesting to talk about.

  20. After watching countless countless hours of Hex, Pulsechain, and PulseX vids, no one ever talks about what you should be doing with PulseX after launch. People talk about swapping PLSX for HEX, or staking HEX, or swapping PLSX for PLS, etc. they talk about pulsechain strats, Hex strats, 10000X with HEX, Yield farming. I feel like my PulseX sacrifice will be wasted if I don’t make any moves with it after launch. The way people mention PulseX, it sometimes sounds like it is a coin, or a token, or station for swapping coins, or the name of the chain its self. it is the one piece of puzzle I am not grasping

  21. what do u suggest regarding highest security for Hex, PLSX and Pulse? MM to tresor? anybody? many thanks

  22. Always great content thanks 🙏 for your insight! Best of luck to you in the future!

  23. Can u make a deep dive video or can u reference any? Just like to know how things work thanks

  24. A question to someone way more experienced then me. Here is my scenario.. I missed the Hex and PLS sacrifices, but if I went in on the Pulsex sacrifice, but I would sacrifice on the BSC chain since I had some BUSD lying around there. What would be the best way for me to optimize things around considering these conditions. Obviously I won’t get any ERC-20 copies or similar