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I AM NOT A FINANCIAL ADVISOR! This video is providing you with information on what I think and what I believe! Do your own research.

SafeEarn’s new high APY staking pools offer the highest returns i’ve seen thus far in crypto.

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Safemoon is the biggest wild card of 2021. We don’t know how low the burn will go, we don’t have the wallet or exchange available yet but this thing can and will create MILLIONAIRES.


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  1. Nice video but foreverbnb like wtf why are these rewards soooo high this is insane I am trying hard not to go all in with the billions of sfm I have. Thank you so much fam! Making 100/day atm

  2. *OMG, EXACTLY WHAT I NEEDED —————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————–i got Free Gift Cards from 💜 **YESGEN.XYZ** 💜*

  3. The APY is so high bcos they are not stable coins, there is a chance that u lose 50% or more value of the token you are staking withing that 21days of staking, just becarefull.

  4. Useless is 500 apy around now but it’s still good but I’m more interested in the new pool on Sunday plus if we stake do we get safemoon reflections as well its not clear

  5. Not seeing anything close to 2500% / or 500 % for pancake.. help me understand brew

  6. It’s hit 500% percent today still amazing ! Just need volume to smash back up which I’m pretty sure it’s going too

  7. Remember you pay for staking 12 dollars to get your money out and about 7 dollars to stake

  8. to end the staking pool with bnb I paid almost 11 dollars in fees I didn’t even earn that much so not at all recommended overpriced transaction costs therefore also the high apy :-)))))))))))))) ))))))))))))))

  9. So with more people staking ! It goes down ! Is there a floor limit or could it go right down
    ! I love your vids mate but this could be misleading

  10. Crypto moon boy your a noob if thats the highest and your playing with safemoon lmao. TIME wonderland 50,000% APY

  11. I’m confused as to how I can stake? I went to the website and connected Wallet, but nothing is showing me that I can stake… once the staking starts can I not hop on… there’s 19 days left for useless and like to get in

  12. It is a big scam when you try to staking at a pool they are hacking at your wallet and empty everything

  13. When I try to stake my tokens, it won’t let me enable the useless tokens? Can anyone help? It looks like the computer is trying to load the enable button but nothing happens

  14. Hey man great vid but I want to clarify, APY compounds interest on itself. So only if you let the interest compound for the full year will you get that APY.
    You did your calculations based on APR. common misunderstanding!
    Hope that helps

  15. Hi guys, it might sound weird but what’s the most legit low risk passive income generator atm. I lost a huge amount on forex lately was doing the bot trade for passive income I’ve a little left now if you could help it would be awesome thanks.