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How I Make $350 Per Day Staking Matic Crypto (Polygon)

How I Make $350 Per Day Staking Matic Crypto (Polygon)

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Video Tutorial: https://youtu.be/3V23uEnyUNs

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Stable one is a high risk investment platform hosted on the matic network (polygon) you deposit matic and can withdraw 7% earnings every 48 hours. Yield farming and staking are the basis of how defi works. Please understand how these passive income staking platforms work and the risks involved!

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  1. Once we deposit the matic is that matic gone or can we withdraw it back out if so whats the lock up period?

  2. Polygon price will stay the same for some time
    I guess contact size will be 3 million soon

  3. Great video Josh, loving your content, hoping for another 50% increase on the contract 3.3m, Matic price in 3 months got to be looking at ATH $3.40

  4. Thanks for the vid Josh, been in stable one since day one. I see this hitting 4 million MATIC in the contract before we stop seeing that balance go up.

  5. Thank for the update Josh. I reckon this has potential to go 5mil and the auto reinvest is a really good feature to sustain the contract.

  6. which network we have to select for Matic coin? is it polygon or erc20?

  7. Thank you for your time to make this content :) I think matic going to go above 2$, and the contract address is going to 4million ;)

  8. I have double my investment in matic 3300 to 6600 in 7 days 462 a day and growing!!!

  9. love these opportunities and the fact that you are invested in them to show at least there is some skin in the game. I think polygon will stay around $2.00 and the contract will continue to grow as more people learn about it but most likely unless they show utility will drop off in 3 months like all the DAO’s did.

  10. Thank you great video, Quick question please, how to take the capital invested in matic if in case required

  11. I think MATIC will be 2.50 and the contract maybe 3.5m, looks good in the future…

  12. Hey Josh. great content. I watched your vid on this last time and now ready to invest. BTW I think that this will hit 10-11 million with the rate its going. !!

  13. Thanks for the video. Always great stuff. I think Matic will go up to about five bucks in no time and the contract for this is going to hit three and a half easy

  14. Thank you for the great info… I am just playing small .. pretty high risk ..

  15. After 30 days, what happens? You can re invest?

    Do we have to claim every 48H? Or best to leave it there for 30 days?

  16. You are a legend. I’m the same as you and got fed up hodling because one day your up and then another day you are down. You videos and knowledge are amazing

  17. Love your videos man! You got a new subscriber. I think Matic will head higher pretty soon.

  18. Hey man, I think the price of polygon will stay around 2 dollars but the contract balance will increase to maybe 4 million. Be sure to have an exit strategy ready

  19. Great Video Josh, I think Polygon matic price will climb up to $2.4 in three months and the contract will reach up to 3.5 million

  20. Thanks for the valuable information! Price prediction for polygon 4 dollars, for the pool 5 MIL

  21. I think Polygon will get around the $3.50 mark… The Stable One contract will get to around $6m

  22. Great information new to the channel. That number will grow just like matic will.

  23. I’m new to this form of passive income, but I’m familiar with yield farming. I think Stable One can easily reach 20 million AUM. Polygon Matic is one of my most loved assets. Once we can break out of the current down trend, Matic can get to $5 by the summer. Also, with the 7% yield for 30 days, what happens at the end of this time period? Does the rate drop or the contract end???

  24. For me i think that it will rise to 4mil then it will stay there. The auto reinvest is a nice touch

  25. I wanna make the most of matic. It was recntlyy stated that now it’s possible to stake it on bfx and I’m willing to try

  26. Thanks Josh, I just tried this one with your referral of course, comparing to the other ones you presented, it’s the easiest Defi project to understand and run so far. I know it’s high risk but 7% day IMO it worth the risk for me (not financial advice)….

  27. Thanks for the video. However, you covered the 21% auto-reinvestment option too quickly. I staked some Matic after watching your video and havent done anything with the interest earned – do I need to stake the interest to earn the 21% auto-reinvestment interest or not? Or is it the case that we do nothing, in which case are we not earning 7+21 % interest daily – sorry for the confusion – I feel like I may be missing a trick and would be grateful for your instructions/guidance.

  28. I think MATIC will get back up to $3 per shortly but not sure about the contract price. Just found you guys recently and your content is a big help deciphering all these different projects. I’ve liked, subscribed, and notifications are on.

  29. BEWARE OF SCAMMERS IN THE COMMENTS: Do not trust anyone in my comments section! There are replicate channels of “The DeFi Guys” acting as me using our branding and trying to get you to reach out to them through phone number, telegram, whatsapp or other means. Only real information will be provided in description below the video as well as ONLY within this comment below:

    Join Stable One HERE: https://stableone.io?ref=0x4532BBeA6EC2Df2b914df9c3f03D1D19F30701b1

    Video Tutorial: https://youtu.be/3V23uEnyUNs

    Get Matic Without Gas Fees Here: https://wallet.polygon.technology/gas-swap/

    Check Out My Defi Mastermind Here: https://www.thedefiguys.io/defi-mastermind/

    Join My Telegram Group Here: https://t.me/+OiX8RYR8SIgyNzRh

  30. Thank you for all the great videos! I think Matic will keep going up.

  31. The Market has been pretty bad until today it decided to surge. Everybody was Practically Crying then. It kept dipping. That’s what you get when you feel you can navigate the process on your own. Big thank to Hilder Ferguson. I’m not bothered with how bad the Market is because my assests are insured due to her advice and I still receive my profits

  32. Polygon is a great network and I’m always on the lookout for new projects on there! Thanks for the video!

  33. Be careful getting into this everyone. Stable one is having issues with withdrawals. My withdrawals are frozen and I seem to be getting the runaround drop the devs. I can’t seem to get any real answer that solves the problem. Definite red flag.

  34. is the man 🤙🏻 of the moment ,he’s service is what paid off my debts

  35. Being financially stable and debts free has been one of the many things i have been able to achieve since i invested with Mr Corey few months ago. He is my mentor and a genius

  36. You failed to cover the various taxes involved with this protocol. You should also emphasize rug pull risk is a real possibility, especially if TVL loses momentum.