Axie Infinity – AXS Token

How Much Is Ron Token Worth? Axie Infinity Update

This could be HUGE for the axie universe what do you guys think about the changes??



0:00 – Intro
0:09 – Dope Video
0:32 – Crossing The Chasm
2:56 – Community Development
4:53 – Ron Staking/Farming
6:00 – How Much Is Ron Worth?
7:58 – Gas On Ronin
10:02 – Paying Your Scholars
11:43 – Conclusion

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  1. If you own RON what are you planning on doing with it? Selling? Staking? Or just Using it?

  2. One thing i noticed will be scholars will be the losers, once a manager has sent them SLP, thy will have to pay fees, as they do not own Axies…

  3. do you think staking now is worth it even if you know its price is gonna go down?

  4. So, does it mean anything for SLP? I think that’s what the people only care about…

  5. very bullish on ron token, it will be bigger than axie itself. there is already a million players using it, it already has a decentralize exchange, it can already handle millions of transactions per day and with ron token they can scale it up even more. when different games start popping up on ronin it will be more valuable than axs

  6. Hope scholarship Axie Teams can play more games and earn more money. Win win win.

  7. is anyone here stake ron/weth after it became live yesterday? i staked hour later but its gone i cant see it on my pool tab no liqudity position show only my slp/weth until now