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How Shiba Inu Will Burn 60% of The Existing Shib Tokens In The Next 4 Years! Millionire Chance

How Shiba Inu will Burn 60% of the existing Shib tokens in the next 4 years. The Shiba Inu coin, is widely regarded as the most famous meme coin in 2021. Over 90% of the tokens were burned by Vitalik Buterin when the coin was created.
This token, reached its all-time high price of $0.00003791 on May 10th, with over 500 trillion tokens in circulation. The coin is 77% lower in value than it was at its all-time high. During May, many people became millionaires as a result of investing in the Shiba Inu, and right now, according to the market cap, there are 351 trillion shib tokens, a considerable decrease from earlier in the year. The Shiba Inu, like dojecoin, are meme coins. To reach $0.10, we’ll have to burn more tokens.
There are different ways for the Shiba Inu team to burn lots of tokens, Over the 2021 to 2025 period. if 60% of the current supply is burned, you can expect this. It is possible that in the next 4 years, they will burn 60% of all the Shiba tokens that exist. The current market value of Shiba will be proportional to this figure. Please, bear in mind that I will be doing more precise calculations.
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. A recent announcement has stated that each time a token is listed on the Shiba swap exchange, they burn $25,000 in Shiba Inu and $25,000 in leash.
all these tokens are destroyed for the good of the community.
Shiba Swapp is like uni swap, pancake swapp, this is a decentralized exchange platform. Uniswap, launched in 2018, is far and away from the most successful decentralized exchange. Over 51569 Token Pairs have passed in the last three years. This also means that with the same success as uni swapp, there will be over 52000 Token Pairs added to the Shiba Swap in the next 4 years. Burning 52000 times in the next 4 years can change many things.
So, let’s start making some arithmetic. So 52000 tokens added on Shiba swapp will be 52000 plus $25000 worth in Shiba Inu. So with this mathematics, it is possible to burn an unfathomable amount of tokens. This maths takes us to the results of over 1300000000. Let’s see if we can find out how many coins we can burn. 1300000000 divided by the year average Shiba Inu price. That is 1300000000 divided by $0.0000069. SO, the result of this maths is 185714285714286 Shiba Inu coins that we can burn in the next 4 years.
According to the current market cap, there are approximately 394,796,000,000,000 tokens in circulation.


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  1. You said it’s possible to burn 65% of shiba coin.. but what was base of that?
    Any plan or milestone for same ?

  2. *Investing in crypto now should be in every wise individuals list, in some months time you’ll be ecstatic with the decision you made today.*

  3. So they burn half there supply and my 1million coins worth $7 becomes like $14?
    Eh whatever
    Literally bought $8 worth just to say I’m a millionaire lol

  4. shiba wil newer reach 0.10 $ the maximum price for shiba coin is 0.050$ in 10years maybe.

  5. Burn and stop this bullshit videos. We know its a scam and investors are already loosing interest.