How To Add Pegged BUSD To Trust Wallet

Binance Pegged BUSD Contract Address – 0xe9e7cea3dedca5984780bafc599bd69add087d56

BODAV2 launched on Binance Smart Chain on September 22nd 2021.

BODAV2 is a token for the crypto investor who wants to be rewarded for their long-term investing. The concept is a new form of crypto where investors no longer need to worry about their investment doubling to make profits; instead, they can earn a passive income from stablecoin BUSD rewards while watching their portfolio grow.

BODAV2 is proud to have created an original protocol and ecosystem to sustain both passive income and price momentum. No other smart contract is like BODAV2 as it has been built from scratch. An anti-whale and anti-dumping mechanism help to protect investors from heavy losses. Manual Rebasing is factored into the design that will provide holders with a bonus of BUSD rewards from each manual buy-back and reducing supply from manual burning of tokens. This method of manual rebasing is far superior to automatic rebasing as the price action can be monitored more closely and supply will not end up reaching zero, since without supply there is no supply and demand for the marketplace. NFTs will be a feature to provide additional utility and use case on top of the existing BUSD rewards and Yield Farm. Development of an NFT Marketplace and NFT gaming will bolster BODAV2’s position in the crypto space. Additional projects for BODAV2 include a Token Minter, Token Locker and a Governance token to allow holders to vote on protocol changes.

You can find all the important links here –

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Available now on Pancakeswap – Slippage 15% –

Contract Address – 0xdc847755343C3A2B94d6aFC0aAE57651E1b14064
Decimals – 18
Symbol – BODAV2

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