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How To Buy CEL Token For FREE! Polygon & QuickSwap Tutorial – Bridging ETH to Polygon Network

How To Buy CEL Token For FREE! Polygon & QuickSwap Tutorial – Bridging ETH to Polygon Network

Updated video: https://youtu.be/wqjFp_C-HLA

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Bridging ETH to Polygon: https://wallet.polygon.technology/bridge
Swapping ETH to CEL: https://quickswap.exchange/#/swap
Adding Polygon to Metamask: https://docs.polygon.technology/docs/develop/metamask/config-polygon-on-metamask/

0:00:00 Start
0:00:27 How To Bridge Ethereum to Polygon via Polygon Bridge
0:04:43 How To Use QuickSwap To Swap ETH to CEL
0:08:24 How To Add Polygon To Metamask
0:10:00 How To Send CEL from Polygon to your Celsius Wallet

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  1. For the beginning, you can even save more money if you use a centralized exchange to send your ETH directly to Polygon chain…

  2. Axie Infinity Ronin L2 with Katana works even better and cheaper than this. GameFi is going to take over DeFi

  3. I’m staking Matic on Polygon but every time I claim my rewards there are huge gas fees over the Ethereum network.

    Is there a way to reduce this?

  4. But Celsius only accepts CEL in ERC-20, isn’t it? Sending CEL in Polygon to Celsius would cause it permanently loss.

  5. First, exchanges gonna charge you to transfer ETH out
    Second, you have to pay a fee to bridge.
    L2 are still expensive. What’s the obsession with Ethereum? Can we just move on and use another chain until they get their shit together?

  6. The economic hardship, recession, unemployment and the loss of job caused by covid pandemic is enough to push people into financial ventures. Summer is here again with lots of activities to be enjoyed. Well, I’m taking a trip into investing because I lost so much during this pandemic. Multi creation of wealth is the best strategy to ensure financial sustainability..

  7. thank you, then buying matic and sending to metamask thru matic network from any exchange that supports it, should be better as no need to pay bridge fees and small amount would not result higher slippage even buying with matic? right?

  8. I’ve baught zero in the past because eth fees are a million dollars. I’ve started buying today and expect a good year for them as I’m sure I’m not the only one.

  9. CDC lets you withdraw polygon, usdc, and eth directly to the polygon network with low fees.

  10. thank you for making this tutorial ! I’ve been wanting to pick up some Cel but the ETH fee’s kill me

  11. Here Aaron do you need to have matic in your polygon wallet to send it ?

  12. Thank you for sharing and being so kind to everyone you and your family help every day.

  13. I thought that CEL token was on erc20 network… How can you send from polygon to celsius that uses erc20? Do they use both network? Should have been included in the video because I am thinking why don’t you lose your funds when sending to a eth address but not polygon address?

  14. Thanks for the helpful video mate!
    I expected it was possible to buy and sell $CEL token on other chains, but I never bothered researching it.
    Good way to escape the very high uniswap fees currently on ethereum.

  15. Hay Aaron, what if I’m starting from scratch, so from first purchase of an asset, because I don’t have any eth. What’s the cheapest way from absolute start to finish? Much appreciated.

  16. When did Celsius start to support transfers from Polygon chain ? It’s only CEL or also other coins ? Did they made a huge announcement ? Cuz it’s huge !

  17. If I go to the Celsius app and click receive CEL, it gives a warning that you should “only send the CEL token via the ethereum blockchain”. Do you mean that we can disregard this warning?

  18. There is a huge pop up in the Celcius app warning me to deposit using only the Ethereum chain. I don’ trust them.