How to Buy EverGrow Coin on Trust Wallet | Quick & Easy Tutorial! (2021)

In this video, we walk-through how to buy EverGrow Coin on Trust Wallet using the PancakeSwap DEX in just a few, simple steps. You can purchase the EverGrow Token ($EGC) crypto from anywhere in the world using the Trust: Crypto & Bitcoin Wallet and PancakeSwap on Android or on iOS. So, let’s get started!

In order to buy EverGrow Coin crypto, you will first need to purchase Binance Coin (BNB). You can buy BNB from the Binance & Binance.US exchange:

👉 Buy Bitcoin & 300+ Crypto on Binance (US):

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💳 BlockFi Bitcoin Rewards Credit Card (3.5% BTC Back):
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✅ Buy Bitcoin & Crypto on Kraken:
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What is EverGrow ($EGC) Coin?

EverGrow Coin is a deflationary token designed to become more scarce over time. All holders of EGC will earn an 8% reward from every Buy/Sell Transaction in BUSD. 3% from Every Buy/Sell Transaction is sent to Buy-Back wallet while 2% is transferred into the liquidity pool for Pancakeswap to create a stable price floor. EverGrow Ecosystem consists of NFT Lending, Marketplace, Content Subscription Platform, Staking pools & Play-to-Earn Game.

👉 CoinMarketCap:

👉 Twitter:

👉 Website:

👉 EverGrow Coin Wallet Address (copy & paste into PancakeSwap): 0xC001BBe2B87079294C63EcE98BdD0a88D761434e

What is the Trust: Crypto & Bitcoin Wallet?

The best and quickest way to buy EverGrow Coin crypto is through the Trust Wallet. The Trust Wallet is a decentralized wallet, that has access to Decentralized Applications – or DApps for short. Its main goal is to make crypto more accessible with an intuitive and easy to understand user interface.

What is PancakeSwap?

PancakeSwap is a Binance Smart Chain-based Decentralized Exchange – or DEX for short – launched by some anonymous developers with a penchant for breakfast food. The great thing about using PancakeSwap is the extremely low fees and all the amazing features and functionality it offers.

I hope you found this video useful and I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences with EverGrow Coin ($EGC)! I’m extremely active in my comments and if you have any questions I am always happy to answer them. Best of luck to all of you and thanks for watching!

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Thank You For Watching! :D

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  1. thanks man, I was having such a headache since im a noob to this, going from the binance site, buying bnb, transferring to trust wallet, then swapping to smart chain, then going to pancake swap, connecting wallet, man oh man what a headache. I had issues at almost every single step until I stumbled onto your video. Thanks again!

  2. Hey i lost 24 $ while purchasing egc, pls can u help me recover, slippages i kept very low .5

  3. when I try to connect pancake swap to trust wallet it gives error message, “no provider found”. Can you help?

  4. I have the safe moon app and want to purchase ever-growing I just don’t want to many wallets and apps, any recommendations??

  5. In two different transactions, totaling $250 on Trust Wallet & Pancake, I lost 26% from fees and slippage (debit card -> BNB -> EGC)

  6. Does the busd that you earn for owning egc get put automatically into your trust wallet.

  7. Bro when I connect my trust wallet to pancake swap, my BNB balance stays 0 even if I have BNB. What do you think the problem is? Thanks

  8. This is the biggest pain in the ass of any investment in the history of humanity!! Which, probably means you’ll kill it, but never be able to reap the rewards…

  9. What if you live in a state where binance isn’t allowed ? That means I can’t use bnb to get evergrow right ?

  10. Trying to buy as a NY resident but can’t seem to find a way to get around it? Any tips please

  11. Is that available in the usa yet? It seems not found coin when I click the search at the trust wallet

  12. Hello
    Im the holders and i will like to know how to receive passive rewards in my trustwallet

  13. Hi there im struggling to swap from bnb smart chain to evergrow.please does not give me the option select currency.

  14. Thanks for sharing the information, instead of getting “exchange ” I see “swap ” option, please help.

  15. Wouldn’t recommend Binance US! You have to wait 5-10 days to even use the funds. On something as volatile as crypto I’m not sure why that would ever be a prerequisite 🤷🏻‍♂️ can’t even take my money out to use on trust wallet for another 10 days lol

  16. I have a question… so you covered BNB to smart chain BNB but still did the EGC swap with BNB?


    1. Overpay using simplex cause I live in TX and wasn’t going to do whatever crazy ass steps he was talking about as alternative

    2. Punch phone repeatedly for ten minutes until code for EGC finally showed up(it eventually showed up)

    3. Repeatedly try to increase slippage

    4. Punch phone repeatedly when 12% slippage fails

    5. Give up and do 18% slippage

    6. Jump around screaming and reveling in success when it finally works!

    7. Sit back with beer and wait for EGC to hit a penny

    Great video man, lol

  18. Is this evg wallet address correct? I tried several times to write it in my Trust wallet and buy Evg, but it shows that it is incorrect ..

  19. Will this meme ever appear on platforms like coinbase? Otherwise you are missing out on millions of customers who find it hard to go through that length process.

  20. When I copied and pasted the evergrow wallet address listed in the description, my trust wallet app still comes up with “No assets found”. Am I missing something?

  21. Sorry for the noob question. But if I have a bunch of Shibu in my wallet, what can I swap for to get Evergrow Coin??

  22. Hey just wanted to say thx it did take a bit of persistence but I did complete a EGC purchase and it is tucked safely away in my newly activated Trust wallet actually took 2 or 3 try’s to get the swap to go through looking forward to seeing more of your videos!

  23. so ive been a subscribed member but this still isn’t working. i have trust wallet. when i can get it to connect to pancake swap it doesn’t show anything other then a bnb balance of zero (i have already converted it to bsc… but it doesn’t show that. it just shows bnb with no balance and the only option is to switch it for pancake swap..)
    please… been trying this for weeks…. what am i missing here…. ?

  24. It says non of our crypto exchanges can process the order right now. Is that because I live in ny?

  25. 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕
    Reach out to 🖕🖕🖕 for investment

  26. Thanks.. bought a few ( .22 cents worth ) with whatever balances I had left over from BNB to get started…had about 3.49 bnb and got .22 cents worth of ECG…expensive…why?

  27. I’ve came across so many videos like this one that say that the evergrow coin address to swap it on pancake swap is in the description which it is but it is not copy and pasteable this is driving me crazy!

  28. Thanks for the guidance. I seem to get to the final step, the transaction has gone through and been confirmed, but the EGC just isn’t showing in my Trust wallet even when I go to settings and copy and paste the contract link. Any clue?

  29. Don’t make the same mistake I did. I wasn’t able to buy smart chain through trust wallet because Chase doesn’t allow moon pay (I didn’t realize there were other options so maybe the other payment options work but didn’t get a chance to try it) So instead I bought something else and transferred it to my trust wallet but now I can’t swap it for anything because I need $0.14 of smart chain to cover the fee and of course the minimum you can buy is $50. Dumb as hell and I just wasted hours of my life on this b*******. Really doesn’t need to be this complicated

  30. Hi can anyone help me with the evergrow contract address I don’t see it here under the video

  31. I don’t understand why I don’t see any rewards going to my wallet. I’ve had egc for at least a week and my earned rewards is 0. It says I have rewards to claim and that I can do it manually but nothing happens when I click that.

  32. Hey, thanks a lot for the how to video. Does the reward in BUSD come straight into the trust wallet now?

  33. So considering just diving into stuff smacking my face each time… I have coinbase and wallet ??? Do i habe to transfer from there to pancake then to this platform(not sure used proper term)

  34. tried this today and it says the token cannot be found after copying and pasting the token link in the video description

  35. The 17% slippage fee is borderline extortion and pointless cashing out unless your bag is is massive

  36. Just a quick one sending it to another wallet takes 14% egc. Just found out the hard way Hahaha

  37. Thanks greatly for this informative update, please what is left for me here right now is the link of the token’s address (EGC)

  38. I love the fact that this video has been watched almost 100 thousands time. If you watched this and did not buy any EGC, you will regret it my friend. Wayyy undervalue right now

  39. Your the KING bruh it worked best explanatory ever gotta new sub here 🥳😎🤗