How to Buy Floki Inu on Trust Wallet – Latest Version

How to buy Floki Inu on Trust Wallet and Pancake swap.

1. Get BNB coin on Binance US or another broker that has it.

2. Send BNB coin to Trust Wallet.

3. Use DEX on Trust Wallet to swap your BNB coin for the smartchain version of BNB.

4. Open Pancake Swap, sync your wallet and search floki inu.

5. Set Slippage to 10% and press trade button. — Make sure you accept the contract on Trust Wallet.

6. Share to family and friends.

How to buy BNB on Trust Wallet:

If Floki isn’t showing up on your Trust Wallet do this:

Instagram: jay.hizzy – feel free to ask me any questions there


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  1. did you have to pay a miner fee? i am trying to exchange a small amount but the miner fee is too high, it says. what is the best coin to use to exchange for floki?

  2. So I have it in my pswap but it didn’t get back into my trust wallet. How do I link it back?

  3. How do you get floki to show up in trust wallet app? I bought a bit using this technique but it dosent show on my trust wallet app like yours foes

  4. I am trying to swap Bnb ‘not much’ 0,016 for floki but I get the message that there is a error can not estimate gas??? What am I doing wrong 😢

  5. Yea mine isn’t showing up in my wallet either I bought some but never showed up in wallet confirmed everything from start to finish just like your instructions said I can see on pancake swap but not wallet

  6. SUBBED COZ OF FLOKI +1, pls keep posting floki stuff #FlokiArmy, #BestCommunity

  7. Thanks for actually being like the ONLY good video I have seen on how to correctly acquire this token 😂

  8. Is the coin needed bnb/btc? Just wanted to make sure this is the correct coin to buy. Also can you get this on Coinbase? Or does it have to be thru a different broker?

  9. No need for the bnb smart chain token for this swap? I saw a video that said you had to have bnbsmart chain. I want to clear up b4 I try to buy 🤔🙂

  10. What the name of the app your using to see the wallet?
    Im new to crypto i just learning

  11. I’m new at crypto! I have been doing coinbase for the past 2 months. All I have to do is download trust wallet then buy BNB then go to pancake swap and follow the video? How do I buy bnb? And what is bnb smart chain? Help 😊

  12. Do you buy bnb on binance but send it to bnb smart chain will it actually go to it???

  13. Hi mate, mine says “insufficient liquidity for this trade”. Any help with that? Thank you!!

  14. How to sell? Do we just exchange it for BNB again or ETH and sell it?

  15. I was able to buy it but I forgot to import it to the trust wallet. So I don’t see my purchase in the trust wallet did I lose all the money. I think I forgot to import my wallet but the transaction went through

  16. i did all that, but the floki will not show in my trust wallet. any ideas?

  17. I’m an idiot and had the Floki contract in my clipboard rather than my wallet address when sending BNB smh my BNB is gone forever now right?

  18. What happens if I failed to do Step 3 DEX SWAP?
    I did all others and no FLOKI in my wallet

  19. Bro i am new to crypto, can you please explain what is the meaning and purpose of the slippage percentage. Thanks

  20. Don’t try to transfer your Floki Inu from Trust Wallet to Coinbase. I tried doing that and lost it all.

  21. Hey man I bought floki & pancake swap said it was waiting on me to confirm the transaction in my wallet but I had no notification in my wallet at all & couldn’t find anything to approve the transaction. I check my smart chain & it shows transaction approved but I still have zero floki in my wallet. It’s showing I have floki on pancake swap but that it. Your video was perfect. Until the confirm transaction part, I had NOTHING on my trust wallet screen to approve. Weird. Any help would be appreciated. I did only $150 first to try it out & it’s just gone. Plz help me out man.

  22. Thx for the vid. İf i paste the floki link it find nothinh. Tell “nothing found”. U have any fix for it

  23. My trust wallet acting weird. It will sometimes show 0 Floki and then sometimes the actual amount after I refresh I just bought $200 today, but if I open the wallet again it will say 0