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How to buy Magic Cake Token on Trust Wallet – Pancakeswap

How to buy Magic Cake Token on Trust Wallet via Pancakeswap Exchange. #magiccake #trustwallet #pancakeswap

Magic Cake Token BSC Contract Address: 0x81a2F78f7213a69De2E4C40362CBB2BB851F3f6F

How to buy BNB Smartchain:
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  1. So why i don’t see my tokens?I cant see the money amount i have spend neither the amount of Magic Cake coins..

  2. good werk bro!💪🚀 189% in the last hour, not bad,,lol wish I would have seen this video rt when i came out. lol next time, I’m a sub now 🤞

  3. Yo what happened to MagicCake on Trust wallet????? ALL MY MONEY IS GONE. Can you tell me what is going on with the coin.??