Uniswap – UNI Token

How to Buy Saitama Imu And Kishu Imu With Uniswap And Coinbase Wallet


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  1. I hit confirm swap. The spinning wheel pops up for a second then it goes back to the confirm swap but and that’s happens over and over. It won’t confirm. Yes I paid the fees.

  2. I’m having the same issues with Uniswap. Wasted money buying ETH on Coinbase in order to get Saitama Inu but nothing happens when I click swap.

  3. WHY when i click on confirm swap it goes to the waiting for confirmation and back to the confirm swap. it never goes to the next screen where it shows the price with the option to pay.

  4. Admin thank you so much for sharing. Now I know how to buy through Coinbase Wallet with other decentralized crypto currency’s!

  5. Do you also have a tutorial on how to cash out when its time to cash out?

  6. Saitama and luffy are on bitmart no gas fees transfer usdt to site and buy then transfer back to your wallet to get rewards