How To Buy UFO Gaming Token on Trust Wallet 💰| How To Buy UFO Gaming Token on Uniswap

In today’s video we show you How To Buy UFO Gaming Token on Trust Wallet. It’s super easy to do takes less then 5 minutes. If you’re looking for more Tutorials we have plenty!

CoinMarketCap (Contract Address) ➡️

Uniswap ➡️

Other tutorials that might be required 🔽

How To Create A Wallet on Trust Wallet ➡️
How To Buy/Deposit ETH on Trust Wallet ➡️

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  1. Uniswap is a piece of shit! They stole my ETH and didn’t even do the swap!

  2. I bought eth for $ 90, when I try to exchange for UFO on uniswap and when I confirm the exchange it says I don’t have enough ETH balance. What is the problem?

  3. Avoid high gas fees,
    Use uniswap early Sunday morning or Monday morning.
    I transferred 1500 with only 50 dollar gas fees

  4. Until those fees come down, most wont buy it. Clearly something in crypto that really needs to be correct before crypto claims to be cheap and easy to move money.

  5. Bro could you do a video showing how you swap ufo to bnb or eth or stable coin? Cheers great vid

  6. i got charged fees for the swap but didn’t get my ufo. has this happened to anyone ??

  7. So was successful in doing this.. but how come it says it failed. But they still kept the gas fee.. makes no sense. So I lost $160 and didn’t get UFO coins…

  8. So you pay a gas fee for the smart contract call then pay another gas fee to complete the swap? At least that’s what’s happening to mine. And the gas fee is almost half of the amount I’m trying to swap. Wtf……

  9. I swear gas fees kill it every time. It’s like the profit you make you will lose to all the gas fees smh

  10. How come when I paste the address into Trust Wallet search, it says it can’t find the UFO Gaming token? And also, when I click “buy” I only see the “Smart Chain” coin only?

  11. If I bought UFO on a different exchange, how can I move it to a wallet, and which wallets can I use?

  12. I set the slippery rate to 12% . And submitted the transaction. But it still failed and I waste $97 gas fee which is not refundable.

  13. Damn, the fees are more than the transaction amount. What the hell? This is ridiculous.

  14. Until those gas fees come down, I won’t be investing a cent but thank you for the valued info.

  15. How much the fees if you wanna buy with 500 dollars ??? Anyone have an idea plz . Thanks

  16. How do I buy Eth on trust wallet?
    I transferred from bnb to Eth rep2 but can’t transfer to Eth
    Please help

  17. I had lots of ufo but had to convert it back to xrp to take my crypto back to my wallet
    Gas fees are 10000x more than its worth

  18. It looks like you are trying to use the 1inch dApp from a restricted territory or are using a VPN that shows your location as a restricted territory (including the United States) or are using Safari Privacy Services

    We respect your privacy, but, please change Safari Privacy Services or change your VPN settings to correspond with your real location.

  19. i have followed the steps and i haven’t received my ufo and when i look at the details i feel like this is gone on another wallet is this possible?

  20. ONLY MORONS ACCEPT GAS FEES ON ETH NETWORK. I don’t support it one single penny. Look at me I spent 500 on eth to buy ufo to only then have 75 in ufo. What dumb ass thinks it’s a sound investment to put yourself in the hole that much to where your investment has to 50x to even go past what u paid to get it?

  21. After all this, if you wanted to *sell* a large amoumt of UFO prior to it being on an exchange, how do you calculate the amoumt of ETH you’d need for the gas fees in the transaction?

  22. Does Solana Have a swap ? And how much of UFO can you earn by playing the games ?


  24. dude.. i tired this and it fucking took $65 to just get the ether then it wanted $100 to make into ufo.. FUCK.. gonna try to wait to buy later tonight

  25. Hello, we’re massive fan of your channel!! You’re amazing, could you please explain how to sell the UFO gaming to a stablecoin with trust wallet? thanks in advance

  26. seems to me these high gas fees are hindering the growth of these tokens. The gas fees should never amount to more than the token price or even be in double digit percentages

  27. Between buying and transferring my $100 eth to trust wallet, I ended up with only $67 eth. Lovely 😂

  28. Hello thank for showing the video!!
    but I recently reset my iPhone and recovered my trust wallet ,can’t seem to locate r find my tokens any advice,much appreciated

  29. man your goin too damn fast….ur suppose to be teaching not goin 100 mph

  30. Appreciate the help bro! Quick and straight to the point. My kinda of tut! Cheers!

  31. Thanks for the tutorial bro. Is still ETH the only option to buy UFO or i can use BNB or something else?