How To Buy Wakanda Inu Token On Trust Wallet Using PancakeSwap

You’ll learn how you can easily buy the Wakanda Inu Token on Trust Wallet Using PancakeSwap.

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  1. Thank you Mr Olusola David, please I will love to let you know that I’ve copied your video and uploaded it on my channel.
    I felt I needed to make this known.

  2. Please is it only BNB that I can convert to smart chain ? Or I can convert any coin to smart chain?
    Can I still buy wkd?

  3. Please after pasting the address in select a currency, it’s bringing no result found. Please how can I go about this

  4. (To Enable Dapps For iPhone Users) 👇👇👇
    Paste… “trust://browser_enable” on the URL field of Your Safari. This will enable Dapps on your iPhone

  5. Most simplified video I have seen on crypto.. I was able to follow and successfully buy WKD token.. thanks man!

  6. Can someone who doesnt have BNB use USDT to swap with Smart chain in order to buy Wakanda Inu?

  7. Great video. But why did you change the tolerance slippage to 8%? Does it vary for every transaction?

  8. Good afternoon…. I made a mistake and didn’t change the 13% to 8%. Now the transaction said successful. But the money hasn’t lefty my smart chain, but its also saying i have 350000 wakanda coin

  9. Thank you for the video, are you the one that input the name, symbol and decimals of the Wakanda coin when adding the custom token or is it updated automatically… cos mine is not adding automatically

  10. thanks for the video, but when i try to swap bnb to smart chain, it keeps telling me insufficient bnb balance and i have 110 dollar in my bnb wallet. please what should i do

  11. 7:12
    “they are going to give me alot of numbers, I can’t pronounce that” 😅😅😅😅

  12. Bro I really appreciate this opportunity 🙏 alot have been suffering from this swapping of a more than a year now. But allihamdulilai Almighty Allah you used you for me. May Almighty Allah 🙏 continue blessing amen 💯💯💯💯💯💥💥💥💥💥💥🌞🌞🌞

  13. All this process just to buy something! Download this, then download that, then go back, then switch this to that, then go back, then convert, then click on this, copy that, then click on bnb after you convert it, then switch back to withdraw money, then click on the wallet, then swap, then… 🙄🙄🙄🙄 could be easier 🙄

  14. Thanks for the video please I would appreciate you do more videos on how effective we can use the trust wallet to trade coins

  15. I am using iPhone there is no DApps option to click! What should I do

  16. Hi I have been trying to convert 97usd(bnb) to smart chain it kept showing insufficient balance

  17. Thanks a lot, sir. This is my first time of watching your videos. You made the process so easy for me. More grace!

  18. Thank you for your help *the vibb* These days it is difficult to come by people who are willing to offer help. I want you to know that my heart will never ever stop appreciating your generosity.

  19. When I wanted to swap bnb for WKD, I didn’t see WKD on the list even when I posted the address!

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  29. Good, thank you for the explanation. Pls, Is this how to buy any coin that is not listed on the exchange I’m using? Looks long though

  30. But I can’t find the wakanda coin after searching on the pancake swap 😢

  31. Excellent video bro, the only flaws i noticed was you refused to throw light on what really is SLIPPAGE TOLERANCE and how to use it. Thanks once again!

  32. Hello. Mrs mahlangu is legit and her method works like magic I keep on earning every single week with her new stragedy