How to Buy Yooshi Crypto in Trust Wallet – 1000X Crypto

Yooshi Crypto developed from a decentralized “MEME” token. In this video, we will show you how to buy Yooshi crypto using Trust Wallet. Yoshi provides game developers with a series of game pre-launch support, such as selling unique in-game assets and trading marketplace.

“Yooshi Crypto” is committed to building a bridge between P2E games and players, bringing fun and profit! Yoshi designed $YOOSHI with a continuous burning mechanism to reduce its total supply exponentially. The project aims to increase the liquidity of its tokens by combining it with innovative automatic liquidity features and NFT.

Yooshi Labs provides game developers with complete Gamefly design and technical support to quickly develop their blockchain games. Its ecosystem has grown significantly on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

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  4. Bro, you totally buys yooshi of worth $25. How much total charges its take? And is there any charge to recieve and crypto to trust wallet from binance or wazirx? Please reply.🙂

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  8. I buyed yooshi coin for 10 usd and .70 usd network fees was applied. On exchange website it showed i will get 3lakh10thousand yooshi coin but after buying it is showing 2lakh 80 thousand amounting total 8.50 usd. Where are the rest yooshi coin

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  10. I am new a this, so I first need to buy, binance coins from coin market cap? I need to make an account on coin market n buy bnb then transfer it into trust wallet?