How To Claim Instant $100 Worth Of COINS In Trust Wallet 💰

How To Claim Instant $100 Worth Of COINS In Trust Wallet 💰

In this video, I will show you how to claim $100 Worth of Flux coin in trust wallet.
Watch till the end to see how it works.

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💜 Network : Smart Chain

💜 Contract Address 👇

💜 Name : Flux
💜 Symbol : FLUX
💜 Decimal : 18

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  1. I’m new here but I just loooove the work you are doing much love bro

  2. Emmanuel your Great Direction has arisen others in the crypto world.. we raise by lifting other .

  3. Honestly your videos are always on point and easy to understand, your an hero thanks…..God bless you appreciate.

  4. Thanks bro for the contents. There’s a FLUX token already on CMC. Are they the same with this particular flux airdrop. Though I hv check the CA and they are different. Who can clarify pls

  5. You are a blessing to all of us honestly, God bless you and none of Ur help will go unrewarded ijn.

  6. Never know there’s an a platform where I can get informations in getting both present and future earnings untill I came across your channel. God bless you for all your daily research informations.

  7. I have litle small time look your vídeos but alride buy some tokens for airdrops thanks

  8. Nice video sir…keep up the good works and continue sharing your blessings.