How to Claim the RADAR Token Airdrop on DappRadar

RADAR is the native token of the DappRadar ecosystem. It gives community members access to premium content and features, and allows them to help and decide on the future of The World’s Dapp Store. Claim here:

For a step-by-step textual guide on claiming RADAR, click here:


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  1. I have been using over a year and how come I’m not eligible? I use every goddamn dapp except Eth due to high gas fees. Ridiculous!

  2. Its cool that I am eligible <3 I have one question: Can I claim them before february ?

  3. The aidrop must be claimed within a certain date, does it have a deadline beyond which it would be lost?

  4. Pfffff te vas airdrop.of the history AND your comunity. More no have money for fees un etherum. I hate this airdrop y. No win AND i furiosuly

  5. hey thanks for airdrop. i am taking error ” is not eligible for our airdrop” how can i find solution? Can you help me please.