How to Create Leveraged Long Yield Farm Positions on Solana (Real Example)

NOTE: SolFarm has been renamed to Tulip Garden (this does not affect the strategy described in this video).

In this video I walk you through a tutorial process of not only understanding SolFarm and how to use it but also how to create a leveraged long position in the SolFarm yield farms. Yield farming and especially leveraged yield farming is a huge aspect of decentralized finance, or DeFi. SolFarm within the Solana network makes it very easy. However, there are several risks you need to be aware of, especially if you use leverage that is greater than 2x. In this video, I walk you through how to make a 3x leveraged long position. This is useful when you support the long-term growth of an asset and want to invest in it long term using leverage.



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  1. Very good and helpful video, i have not seen a better walkthrough of tulip garden!

  2. so can you stake USD and take SOL? If thats possible isnt that 0 risk since USD is a stable coin?

  3. I am wondering if TULIP does auto compounding? Or how would we compound our gain? It seems like the reward is only realized when the position closes.

  4. thank you for the clear tutorial. Keep up the great content. Subscribed after seeing this video.

  5. Does it pay for it self with the interest or do you need to manually pay it bacj??

  6. so if you thought SOL was going to lose value, it would then make sense to borrow SOL instead of USDC, is that correct?