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How to Farm Ronin Token in Axie Infinity | Axie Infinity Staking Guide

In this video I will show you how to farm ronin token in axie infinity. Here is just a quick axie infinity guide to use the katana swapping pools to yield ronin token.


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  1. Thanks Brycent for providing this good content out to us axiecommunity!

  2. I have a problem with you saying that getting WRON outweighs the risk of impermanent loss,
    You don’t know how much RON is gonna be worth or how much the markets are going to move, so you Don’t have any idea of what you’re talking about.
    There are people who will take your word for this and may potentially lose money they can’t affort to lose.

    I’m writing this as someone who also farms WRON, but I do not endorse anyone doing this because of someone else

  3. Hey Brycent ! Can you do a video reversing the process instead? Unstaking from both FARM and LP and taking back the assets that we staked in, thanks!

  4. Brycent stop posting videos,

    First of all my account got hacked and axie got stolen.

    Second ronin don’t have multi factor authentication and Google authentication .

    First ask your axie community to improve 2FA .then post your videos .

    Don’t waste time .

    Lots of people account hacked and no reply from ronin or axie team .

    Don’t play with people feelings and whatever you are earning with this video’s .
    I don’t want to say anything bad.
    Better ask your community to improve security…😡😡😡

  5. it will make the rich more richer, and the poor lose their money they cant afford to lose..

  6. I have 1 question about adding liquidity pool and farming, after stake my LP tokens to farm WRON, would I stop receiving fee earned from liquidity pool? Cause my cumulative fee earned on analytics site stop increasing since I stake LP tokens to farm WRON?

  7. THANK YOUU! OMG I can finally farm hahahaha been waiting for someone trustworthy for transparent explanation

  8. This is just a way to make people buy more ETH and give them to the network. The only real money in here is ETH and they want it!

  9. this guy has no idea about the risks he is taking but hey if he has no better place to put 20K and he doesn’t even care to know how much money he is going to earn or lose well then it is his problem but you should be wiser!

  10. if i add liquidity and farm ron, i will not get my axs and weth anymore?

  11. WHY?!
    I have AXS staked right now getting a return of 120%+
    Is there any reason I should unstake them and buy wETH with half and then provide LP and farm?

  12. how long does it take to see a swap? I did a WETH to AXS for 7… and it looked like it took…. but I dont see my AXS 7 but the $1075 is gone from my WETH stack? been 4 hours now????

  13. So for about $28,000++ you can only earn about 1 WRON? How much WRON can a simple player earn?

  14. why is it i wanna buy an axie is always sold i cant seem to buy any cheap axie please replay me what should i doi am yet to start

  15. Hey I love your video ! Thank you so much ! I have a question. I just got into the SLP pool but would like to exchange and get into the Axie pool… how do I do that ?

  16. 👆👆Yes I’m so much comfortable with his work I was really doubting if he could recover my ronin wallet but he did it successfully without stress

  17. Hey fam, could one of you help? I unstaked my WETH/AXS after farming ronin token and my assets didnt go to my ronin wallet. i can see the in the ronin explorer but i cant see them anywhere else or use them. anybody have any tips. thanks everybody

  18. thanks for the good content! which is good in terms profitablity, AXS staking or this RON farming/staking?

  19. Hi
    I have problem
    I withdrew $axs from mexc exchange to ronin wallet but it doesnt recieve ?

  20. How do we start from beginning but not going into metaverse I personally think meta is dangerous in The future not just a virtual reality it’s a spiritual game

  21. Hey Brycent, HNY – Q: Trying to split my WETH in my Ronin wallet 50% for the liquidity pool BUT when I attempt to swap I get a Transaction Fee x0 red flag in the wallet confirmation which states that “you have used all of your free transactions” – however I havn’t performed any swaps, all I have done is funded the wallet – any thoughts?

  22. Is it worth staking £15 worth of ether with either AXS or slp of choice? I have this ether amount left in my ronin

  23. Would be nice if you make another video now since $RON is launched to show how much $Ron you farmed