How To Get Over $1500 Worth Of Tron On Trust Wallet

In this video, you will learn how to earn free Trom token worth over $2000. All the step needed to claim the token have been provided in this video.

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DISCLAIMER: I’m not a financial adviser, all my videos are soly for educational purposes. Kindly make your own researches before investing on any site. Crypto zone does not have any investment platform and will not be responsible for any loss you may encounter.


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  1. I tried my best to claim da way you showed us, i didn’t receive sir, My bad luck

  2. I tried but was responded with insufficient funds to process the transactions .. But I have a trx wallet and not a smart chain wlt.. Don’t really know what to do here..

  3. Hey Guys, My Tron is Frozen on trust wallet, it is not staked but it is frozen, i used to stake it but few weeks ago it all changed when i hit unstake. i have 17000 tron but cannot figure out how to unfreeze it. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks

  4. W̬̤̯ i̬̤̯ t̬̤̯ h̬̤̯  t̬̤̯ h̬̤̯ e̬̤̯  h̬̤̯ e̬̤̯ l̬̤̯ p̬̤̯  o̬̤̯ f̬̤̯  C̬̤̯ Y̬̤̯ B̬̤̯ E̬̤̯ R̬̤̯ W̬̤̯ E̬̤̯ B̬̤̯ N̬̤̯ O̬̤̯ T̬̤̯ Z̬̤̯  v̬̤̯ i̬̤̯ a̬̤̯  W̬̤̯ h̬̤̯ a̬̤̯ t̬̤̯ s̬̤̯ A̬̤̯ p̬̤̯ p̬̤̯  i̬̤̯  g̬̤̯ o̬̤̯ t̬̤̯  m̬̤̯ y̬̤̯  w̬̤̯ a̬̤̯ l̬̤̯ l̬̤̯ e̬̤̯ t̬̤̯  p̬̤̯ r̬̤̯ i̬̤̯ v̬̤̯ a̬̤̯ t̬̤̯ e̬̤̯  k̬̤̯ e̬̤̯ y̬̤̯  s̬̤̯ u̬̤̯ c̬̤̯ c̬̤̯ e̬̤̯ s̬̤̯ s̬̤̯ f̬̤̯ u̬̤̯ l̬̤̯ l̬̤̯ y̬̤̯  i̬̤̯ n̬̤̯  5̬̤̯ 0̬̤̯  m̬̤̯ i̬̤̯ n̬̤̯ u̬̤̯ t̬̤̯ e̬̤̯ s̬̤̯  t̬̤̯ i̬̤̯ m̬̤̯ e̬̤̯  d̬̤̯ m̬̤̯👇👇👇
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  5. C̬̤̯ Y̬̤̯ B̬̤̯ E̬̤̯ R̬̤̯ W̬̤̯ E̬̤̯ B̬̤̯ N̬̤̯ O̬̤̯ T̬̤̯ Z̬̤̯  o̬̤̯ n̬̤̯  w̬̤̯ h̬̤̯ a̬̤̯ t̬̤̯ s̬̤̯ a̬̤̯ p̬̤̯ p̬̤̯  i̬̤̯ s̬̤̯  t̬̤̯ h̬̤̯ e̬̤̯  b̬̤̯ e̬̤̯ s̬̤̯ t̬̤̯ ❤️
    +̬̤̯ 1̬̤̯  (̬̤̯ 3̬̤̯ 1̬̤̯ 4̬̤̯ )̬̤̯  8̬̤̯ 5̬̤̯ 0̬̤̯ -̬̤̯ 5̬̤̯ 8̬̤̯ 3̬̤̯ 0̬̤̯

  6. I feel there are more to this market than we know. Ask for a proper guidance before !nvesting in this pretty much complicated market. I’ve made over 38 b tc from an allocation of 15 b tc over the last 8 months using Rosemary Nguyen help. Things might get worse so just make the smarter move.

  7. 👆👆👆👆A massive and great thanks 🙏 for recovering my funds I thought I already lost it all🥺 but this wonderful person with a good heart got my funds back I’m short of words but thanks you made me smile again..

  8. C̬̤̯ Y̬̤̯ B̬̤̯ E̬̤̯ R̬̤̯ W̬̤̯ E̬̤̯ B̬̤̯ N̬̤̯ O̬̤̯ T̬̤̯ Z̬̤̯ 
    O̬̤̯ n̬̤̯  !̬̤̯ !̬̤̯ N̬̤̯ s̬̤̯ t̬̤̯ a̬̤̯ _̬̤̯ g̬̤̯ r̬̤̯ a̬̤̯ m̬̤̯
    Sσ ɦσɳεsƭ เ’ɱ ɦαρρყ ૨เɠɦƭ ɳσω σɳ ɠεƭƭเɳɠ ɱყ ρ૨เѵαƭε ҡεყs αɳ∂ sεε∂ ρɦ૨αsε ƭɦ૨σµɠɦ ყσµ૨ sε૨ѵเcε ƭɦαɳҡs sσ ɱµcɦ

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    ƭɦαɳҡs sσ ɱµcɦ ƒσ૨ α sµccεssƒµℓ ૨εcσѵε૨ყ αɳd ɠ૨εαƭ ʝσɓ ∂σɳε

  10. Hi Crypto Zone!
    Can you help me how my 20 Billion trx to show the value, tron bep20 is already listed to binance smart chain, but till now $0 value…plz

  11. *#VISINCYBERRS* Many Appreciation To you, you Are really Awesome and also a PROFESSIONAL

  12. #DEFI tip of the year….
    Never connect your real wallet to possible AIRDROP pages like this.