How To Get The zkSync Airdrop! zkSync Airdrop Will Be Huge!

The zkSync airdrop is expected to be rewarded to early users of the zkSync layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum! zkSync utilizes zk rollup technology and currently has a functioning DEX called zig zag. zkSync is still in development. We all have the chance now to join the community and participate in the airdrop! In this video Connor shows step by step how to prepare your wallet for this upcoming airdrop which has the potential to be a lot of free money! Layer 2 scaling solutions for Ethereum such as zkSync & are relieving issues such as high gas fees & network congestion. Get started using it today!

zkSync Website:

Create Free Pinata Cloud Account For NFTs Here:

Zig Zag DEX:

0:00 Intro
1:10 Airdrop For Early Users?
1:50 Step 1 – Connect Metamask
2:28 Step 2 – Bridge Eth to zkSync
3:20 Step 3 – Transfer On zkSync
4:29 Step 4 – Mint NFTs on zkSync
6:44 Step 5 – Trade on Zig Zag DEX
9:05 Closing Summary

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  1. wow just followed the steps, I am amazed at the fees. totally just bought into this project now.

  2. Thanks brother. I Definitely hadn’t done everything that you showed here. Thanks man!!

  3. What address did you put to send eth to, can you send to the same address you are using, like will it be considered a transaction?

  4. Does it need to be metamask or can it also be done over a exchange, kucoin for example?

  5. Do you have to do all the steps mentioned here to get the airdrop, specifically mint an nft?

  6. when you send away the ETH out of your zksync account, does it have to be sent to a metamask wallet? Or can it simply be any ETH address/wallet like on an exchange or something like like that.

  7. Thanks man! Let us know if you get some more info about how many trasections we need to do =)

  8. Are we late sir? Do you think they might have already taken the snapshots, or would the confirm they have taken?

  9. Do you have to keep your funds on zksync to be eligible for the airdrop, or can you transfer back to your wallet?

  10. Appreciate! What other ZK coins are you thinking could airdrop? Starkware? ZK Swap? arbitrum? Thanks!

  11. Thank yo for this step by step guide. i hope to be able to thank you again after getting my airdrop

  12. Excellent video! I sincerely appreciate your efforts. One note for users trying to mint the NFT. I was having issues getting it to work. I would get to the “sign contract” step in MetaMask and it would close after I hit sign with nothing happening. So happens that I had the file open in a browser window on Pinata. Once I closed the file browser window the NFT mint worked just fine. Thanks again. U da man!

  13. Do you have to transfer from the mm wallet to 2nd layer wallet or can you use the buy with credit card option and still participate in potential airdrop?

  14. Only good can come from someone who shares knowledge to enrich his community. I not only enjoyed the video I found extremely useful and beyond easy to follow and implement. Great teaching style, keep up the good work!!!!

  15. The most educational airdrop tutorial I have learned. Thank you Connor aka CryptoEmpire

  16. So at 3:51 of the video where you’re sending the ETH to a wallet on zksync, are you sending it to yourself or someone else? Thanks in advance for posting this tutorial.

  17. Hi- trying to use zigzag on phone- wallet not connecting- do i need computer??

  18. honestly! this video was so informative and super helpful. you really took the time and patience to explain this so that anyone, with any understanding of crypto can understand. you just earned a new subscriber and I definitely look forward to more airdrop info!!! Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us :)

  19. When you sent Eth to another wallet, it cost 97 CENTS not $97… you scared me a bit when you said DOLLARS…

  20. Thank you! Much more detailed and helpful than other clips that I’ve watched.

  21. You put your ETH in Zk sync wallet and then u need to send your ETH back? Or just hold ETH in zk synk wallet? Please, help me to understand☺️

  22. Conner love your vids – always straight ALPHA, clean, concise, hands-on!
    I think it would be awesome if you could do more step-by-step tutorials just like this one for all the other potential ZK drop projects considering there are quite a few in the space now.
    You recently posted and Airdrop vid that was the nutz! Got me a couple good freebies there – thanks …again!
    On that note, I have heard from several sources that there are many more wallets / chains / protocols that could be doing so massive drops. I saw one influencer talking about going to DeFi Lama and just running through all the protocols on our own accord and doing these kind of steps that you just guided us on here with ZK Sync – that said, it’s not so easy for less experienced users like myself so guidance really makes a huge difference. For instance, I would’ve never figured out how to Mint as you have just instructed. Thanks … again squared!

  23. Hey man , i don’t understand when you sent money to another account , are you paying the “Account Activation single time fee ” ? thanks