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How To Make Money with Metamask on Polygon MATIC!

How To Make Money with Metamask on Polygon MATIC! Let’s review how to set up and use Metamask with the Polygon MATIC blockchain and to earn money and become a crypto millionaire thanks to incredibly cheaper fees than using Ethereum! Subscribe to VoskCoin for more! http://voskco.in/Sub

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Metamask is the key to making money with cryptocurrencies in this crypto bullrun as Metamask allows you to store your coins, trade your tokens, lend your cryptocurrencies, yield farm and liquidity mine and just simply get your money working for you! Metamask was originally designed for Ethereum, but its easy to add support for other blockchains that are EVM clones or layer-2 solutions like Polygon MATIC. Polygon MATIC use case is simple, it’s highly supported by popular ethereum Dapps or basically applications and smart contracts that help crypto investors make money and the fees on polygon matic are much cheaper. Polygon MATIC is basically free to use when you compare it to paying the outrageous Ethereum gas fees this year!

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How to add Polygon MATIC to metamask – https://medium.com/stakingbits/setting-up-metamask-for-polygon-matic-network-838058f6d844

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00:00 How to make money in crypto with cheaper fees?
01:52 Making money with cryptocurrency and Metamask
03:15 What is Polygon MATIC?
04:23 How to add MATIC chain to Metamask?
05:33 Popular Dapps in MATIC blockchain
06:46 Complete your Zapper.fi tasks with MATIC
10:37 MiniMecha NFT collection
11:23 What is QuickSwap and how to use it?
13:02 How to use AAVE directly in Polygon MATIC?
14:47 Coin Trade & Mine a crypto news outlet
15:28 RabbitHole.gg tasks and airdrops
17:30 How does MATIC perform?

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  2. you could compare versus other similar chain like sol or avax too very informative

  3. I appreciate your dedication to making sure people have a solid foundation. Thank you because that is me.

  4. Hey Vosk, is there any updates for your own minable coin ? really looking forward for that.

  5. Really liked this episode I’m going to try it. I keep meta mask on unused mobile device. Who’s the wolverine? You da wolverine Vosk!

  6. This was a very well done video. Informative and super helpful. Thank you and miss Vosk

  7. Thanks a lot Vosk! Incredible all the possibilities that we have with crypto. Thanks to you, I know where to look into, since we are overloaded with crypto-info that (I personally) find it hard to understand. But thanks to people like you, that take the time to explain things simply, I can see the potential and usefulness of this. Great work!!!

  8. Great videos bro. I been looking for alternatives cause I don’t want to use eth no more. I threw close to 4 eths away for just transactions and I’m sick of it and that’s a lot of waisted money. So I can’t and won’t buy coins anymore on eth department. Gas robbery and extremely rediculous. Eth is worse than the government system. They make sure you don’t have or make money. Thanks for the info. You rock.

  9. Lol, I know you are level 10, a blockchain ninja but man it was hard to follow. I’m not a ninja but am really trying to learn. I’m really tired of being a landlord and I’m getting “learnt up” by your videoes. I am going to get my Meta mask wallet set up tonight. Thank you so much for the tutorial, I really need it.


  11. The eth maxies are adamant on staying on eth, they marketshare is slowly bleeding away, they should work with the layer twos not dismiss them

  12. I bought about 85 polygon from out local exchanger, and when I want to withdraw to my Metamask Account
    It’s cost me 13 polygon (fees) to do that….

  13. At least someone who agrees with me when it comes to ETH. It’s trash! I don’t get why some good projects jump on ETH when there are waaay better mainnets out there.

  14. Hey man, thanks for making this video! I did find it hard to follow along with juts in my head, but maybe if you could make a text and images based step by step instructions page for how you did the stuff? Would be super awesome… Anyway, you made it easy to listen to a bunch of stuff about something I’m interested in, so I subscribed, and I’ll be sure to watch any other videos you make… Thanks again!

  15. What’s with “new address detected on ur meta mask?” Did the coin go to right wallet? Pls advise.

  16. As you asked at the 19 min mark as you asked, yes you were too all over the place, this title was about metamask on polygon, with so many new people in crypto, couldn’t you have gone over the operability of Metamask and how people could add different networks to it i.e. bnb etc, and how to do transfers cheap, I’ve watched a number of your vids but have to say this one was below par.

  17. I needed to see this video 5min ago 😭 I have matic on Ethereum network in metamask 😭😭😭

  18. Love the content, but just wish you could a simpler step by step guide for super noobs like me. ☺️

  19. It’s time to have your own coin bro. It’s gold rush and crazy out there. Lookslike I’m already living in meta.

  20. Thanks for the video. I respect your knowledge. Some written highlights of websites you use and infos would be helpful.

  21. Bro this is brilliant, stuff having to sign up for accounts on 10 different platforms for pooling

  22. Thank you for your content! Most of my queries end up coming back to a video you made and they are always good thank you again!!

  23. Bro I love your videos, and I understand doing ads to feed your family. But I feel like your recent videos have just turned into one giant advert.

    Becoming hard to watch your content when it cuts out every couple minutes to listen to Mrs. Voskcoin tell us about a new game.

  24. I’m new to this, maybe a month in to it. But man I saw the gas fee for Ethan, I was like wth is this I’m just moving a few tokens and it’s charging me that much

  25. I followed it but in Aave, I only saw that the USDT deposit rate is 5% instead of 22%?

  26. There’s a lot here that I am interested in. I think that four or five videos can be made in order to do justice to the content covered in this video, so folks can actually profit from the strats

  27. Thank You for All that you are doing for Peace…
    Peace.. Shalom.. Salam.. Namaste ..
    🙏🏻 😊 🌈 ✌🌷 ☮️ ❤️ 💐 🕊

  28. Great video man can I use coin base to but polishing then transfer it to meta mask or?

  29. This was a helpful video, but I feel like there was a step missing. Is there an affordable way to get MATIC onto the Metamask wallet? It seems like most of the CEXs don’t allow to withdraw MATIC utilizing polygon’s network, forcing you to use Ethereum’s. Is there a CEX that does allow this? It seems like the only way to do this is via a bridge like through the PoS Bridge offered through the Polygon wallet, which you still pay ridiculous fees on for the transfer.

  30. Metamask refuses to implement 2fa, so it’s probably best to set the auto-lock timer so Metamask signs you out after you’ve been idle and have all your wallets and browser accessible accounts locked down w/a yubico key or some kind of 2fa. People have lost their life saving on MM do to hackers taking over their browsers after ccessing Google via a backdoor (3rd party access, app or reused passwords). Good stuff, man! As usual.

  31. I agree with you but ether has projects tied in already but paying more for transactions is craY 😜

  32. Love watching Vosk on 50% speed. Best tutorials on earth from someone who sounds absolutely hammered… 
    But seriously sometimes I need to slow it down to follow all the steps. Long slow learning curve here. Appreciate your expertise Señor Vosk !

  33. What is your position on mining into your Wallet and trading it for other coins? Does that make Eth worth buying mining

  34. Bro, I tried doing a trade using this method and was still hit with a ridiculous fee. I was trying to covert ETH to Polygon using dapper. Am I doing something wrong? If so can you explain how to lower the transaction fee?

  35. best way to add matic coins in the mm wallet? i tried binance but i dont see the network when I send

  36. Is there any particular reason for choosing the RPC url you did vs the RPC urls ?