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In this video we take a look at how to migrate if you are holding your tokens on Trust Wallet or Metamask!

It looks like a lot of people are losing tokens when using the web swap! Don’t worry the team is aware and will be releasing a google form document for everyone affected. No one should be losing tokens a part from the 1000:1 consolidation.

Perhaps the best way to migrate is to import your wallet to the SFM wallet.

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  1. ** It looks like a lot of people are losing tokens when using the web swap! Don’t worry the team is aware and will be releasing a google form document for everyone affected. No one should be losing tokens a part from the 1000:1 consolidation. Perhaps the best way to migrate is by importing your wallet to the SFM wallet **

  2. I did the migration for Safemoon v2. I was supposed to receive over a million token. Yet it only shows 194 on my trust wallet. How can I fix this?

  3. Did you explain that you first need at least $5 of BNB Smart Chain before you make the swap?

  4. Id prefer to use the app but don’t like the idea of putting my seed phrase in

  5. I wish he would explain it a bit slower. We’re not all crypto experts. I’ve been through the steps 3 times and didn’t work for me. Balance just showing up as ‘0’

  6. If I try importing my wallet to SafeMoon wallet and swap to V2 it says I don’t have enough BNB as gas to transfer.

  7. ok i did the transfer my safemoon to my safemoon wallet from trust acount,which included my bnb trying to do the swap but getting a insufficient funds for gas price + value how do i fix that ?

  8. Is it possible to swap Safemoon V1 to Safemoon V2 in Trustwallet so there’s no need to go to safemoon wallet? I am scared putting my seed phrase to safemoon wallet.

  9. Thank you for it. Do you recommend this import? Im just curious if its totally safe, I do have some other coins except safemoon on my wallet and dont really want to import all of them to the safemoon wallet, just safemoon in fact.

  10. Is it possible to create Multiple wallet(by importing) in safemoon wallet instead of doing wipe and start over? If anyone knows plz reply. Thanks.

  11. I’ve connected my trust wallet to the safemoon website. However, when I click migrate it goes back to my trust wallet and opens the camera, as if it’s expecting a QR code. What do I do? Thanks.

  12. I also tried migrating using the Safemoon wallet but V1 still states the same amount and V2 is zero. Same on trust wallet. The block chain info says it was successful This was 24 hours ago and still the same. What’s going on?

  13. Forgot u need to add custom token to see it. I was like aahh where is it! Lol

  14. DOES NOT WORK! Trust wallet stuck initializing its a scam. ive tried swapping for 4 days straight morning and night. Its a joke

  15. I live in Ontario and binance is no longer accepted here after 2021 so im assuming that goes for trust wallet as well… should I open a new wallet with Safemoon and will that solve my issue?

  16. I did the swap but my original balance was 1 billion and now after the swap is only 1 million 😳 thanks for your time.

  17. This is a lot to figure out for the average person. I was wondering….I have Trust wallet that I have safemoon on and I have the safemoon wallet that ive bought safemoon on. Now if I want to migrate my safemoon over from trust wallet to the safemoon wallet do I have to wiipe the safemoon wallet then import my trust wallet? And if so then what happens to the safemoon wallet that has my safemoon on it? Can I have both wallets on the safemoon wallet? Would it be better or easier just to put safemoon v2 on trust wallet and migrate my safemoon to v2 that way and just leave it on trust wallet?

  18. I imported the trust wallet phrase to Safemoon wallet but at the final step … it’s approving at long times not to continue… please help . Thanks 🙏

  19. I dont know what is happening. When i connect my trustwallet to the safemoon swap it appears as if i had zero safemoons. But when i look in my trustwallet it’s all normal.

  20. Sir I had safemoon tokens in trust wallet but now only showing 2 tokens only please help

  21. I have the safemoon wallet but it still won’t let me consolidate from V1 to V2. I even updated the app. How do I get to V2

  22. I don’t get it I don’t want to move my coins from trust wallet is fucken bullshit

  23. *You either clicked on a phishing link or you gave someone your wallet phrase that’s why you got hacked. Contacts **#thegreatbestofficialpage** on Instagram dude helped me recover my account and assets back*

  24. what about those who have safemoon in their wallets but are busy with their lives and are currently not in touch with crypto?? after the complete migration the v1 would be just a valueless token right??

  25. Thank you so much! You made it easy!
    I shared you on a SF group full of butt holes who treat people like craps just for asking questions …you make it easy to navigate through these changes for people like me who know the bare minimum about crypto but trying to learn. It is like a foreign language to me.
    I really appreciate helpful people like you!!
    God bless!

  26. I did the migration as you illustrated, however, my new safemoon account is showing a balance of 0 – how can that be?

  27. What happens if I don‘t do this migration? I imported my wallet from Metamask but the Safemoon wallet is showing 0 balance wtf

  28. My my son helped me with the migration. I just want to make sure this correct v1 I had 327 million now v2 I have 327 thousand. I hope that he did it right if someone could answer me I’d really appreciate it.

  29. Hi sir, I have 10mln safemoon token. If I migrate my tokens to V2 then how many tokens will I get into my wallet

  30. This was a Great help! Thank you so much. I was freaking not seeing V2 but this video answered my concerns. You have a new subscriber.

  31. I went from 3 million safemoon to 3 thousand safemoon after migration, would be nice to know where the rest of my safemoon is

  32. It looks like they have moved the decimal point back to make it look like less. not cool safemoon

  33. Question? I had 66 mil of safe moon and I send it to v2 , Will I received the same amount because I have been hold this for months at a lower price

  34. So I just opened by trust wallet after 6 month. I just was BEP20 on safemoon logo unlike regular logo. Will it auto migration or we need to manually migrate it?

  35. I was trying to do the webswap to my trustwallet and it kept freezing.. so I’m glad I came here, I’ll create a safemoon wallet, not sure about giving out my trustwallet 12 word seed phrase?

  36. Hi, my Safemoon V2 seem have disappeared after migration on the metamask app on iOS. Where can I find the V2 tokens now? Do you know this issue?

  37. I had 14m on my metamask when i send it to my safemoon wallet its all gone, iwas hoping to convert it to v2 on the safemoon wallet, plss help me

  38. I had almost 20.000.000 v1 safemoon token but after migration my metamask show 1.121 tokens…… how is this possible??

  39. Hey selected investments, firstly kudos to you for this helpful vid and all the replies.

    I followed the steps and imported my meta wallet to Safemoon, so that I could convert from V1 to V2. However, only my ethereum balance came across. Plus 0 balances for Safemoon and my BNB. Any ideas?