Polygon – MATIC Token

How to move tokens from Ethereum to Polygon(Matic) using the official Polygon Bridge

A simple tutorial on using the Official Polygon Bridge to move assets such as MATIC or ETH from the Ethereum network over to the Polygon network.

Please note that $AXN is not multi-chain, and cannot be sent across the bridge. All previous AXN holders are being airdropped a new AXN token on the Polygon network. You do not need to do anything.

However, if you wish to purchase more, or enter our Accelerator on Polygon, you will need to send some MATIC or ETH across to the polygon chain, by following this video.

Official Bridge: https://wallet.polygon.technology/bridge
Axion Website: https://axion.network
Staking Portal: https://stake.axion.network

00:00 Introduction
00:20 What is Axion?
01:27 Official Polygon Bridge
04:50 Checking on PolygonScan
06:26 Adding the token to MetaMask
07:47 Axion Accelerator
08:29 Polygon Migration Outro


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  1. 4:09 Thank you for clarifying our AXION coins will be airdropped directly to our wallet on the polygon network. I thought I’d have to bridge it over manually.

  2. How do I make sure that my MetaMask is ERC-20 ready, so when I transfer e.g. MATIC from an centralized exchange to Metamask, I know it will be landing in my Polygon/ERC-20 wallet on Metamask?

  3. Hi, nice Tutorial! I am having MATIC in Ethereum Mainnet in Metamask. I want to send all these MATIC in to Polygon Wallet using Playma Bridge. It got stucked at the Step “Confriming Transaction in Metamask”. The Confirm button stays freezed. Would you please tell me your idea to solve my problem? My current assets in Metamask: 670 MATIC and 0.011 ETH in Ethereum Mainnet and Nothing in Polygon Mainnet. Thanks in advanced!

  4. I’m having a problem where the “continue” button on the bridge loads endlessly, so the confirm button is not becoming clickable (see 3:27 in video). Is this a recurring problem or am I doing something wrong

  5. thanks just what i needed
    what would be the best way to swap that weth into usdc on polygon network?

  6. Help? In polygon wallet when I try to complete the transaction I am getting a “Failed Transaction Enable Signing/Contract Data” and I have already done so. So it doesn’t recognize? How would you suggest I proceed here? Thank you.

  7. Hey nice video having troubles with bridging just now I think I’ve completed my first, lmt tokens on bnb chain to polygon on anyswap bridge. This is in order to stake them on lmt network. Now I want to change my ezyfi from eth chain to polygon but stuck can you help out?

  8. LOL! Need to pay USD 132 to transfer my USD 67 worth of ETH to POLY network. ETH gas fees are just ridiculous..

  9. This was very helpful; simple instructions clearly matched the visuals.

    You saved me a ton of time and stress trying to figure this out on my own.

    Thank you very much!

  10. So this is what I’d use to swap wrapped (WMATIC) for AXN and be able to store it in my metamask wallet configured to polygon main chain?

  11. I connected my metamask wallet on Polygon Bridge but I can’t see any of my ETH :( May I know what happened?

  12. I tried buying a polygon NFT using metamask. I only had ETH when trying to buy the NFT. Metamask had a “buy” option so I went ahead to pressed that to buy the NFT. It prompted me to a ETH to polygon transfer (bridge). Once I continued it basically put my funds in a smart contract and sent it to a address. I do not know what to do now. Ive been stuck here. Are my funds lost or is there a way to retrieve my ETH or matic from the address?
    I have the transactions on my metamask. I also can see the funds in a ethplorer address with my transfers all visible.

  13. I really appreciate this 👆🏼👆🏼 and am sure with your knowledge you can save and enlighten people,and they will be glad to have you as a saver

  14. I dont undersand what mainnet does your MetaMask need to be on when you connect Polygon? Do you have to change it to MATIC or you leave it on Ethereum Mainnet?