How to participate in an IDO on BSCPad: a step-by-step guide | BSCPad KYC | BSCPAD token | DeFeed

How to participate in an IDO on BSCPad: a step-by-step guide | BSCPad KYC | BSCPAD token. BSCPad is a launch platform where its token holders have access to the projects launching on Binance Smart Chain. Users will be required to hold some $BSCPAD tokens before and after a project launch in order to participate in the IDO pre-sales and to continue receiving vested tokens post launch.

On BSCPad, everyone that holds the required token is guaranteed an allocation spot, which means that these decentralized launches are fair.

Watch the full video to learn more about the project and see if there is something interesting there for you.


👉 BSCPad explained: the first launchpad on Binance Smart Chain
👉 How to participate in the launch of projects on the site: a short review
👉 How to join an IDO on BSCPad. Rounds: Allocation Round, First Serve (FCFS) Round
👉 BSCPad KYC Process: the steps
👉 An example of how to participate in an IDO on BSCPad

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  1. Do you guys want to review an upcoming crypto project? I’m working as a CMO on this. Let me know

  2. Hiya,
    It won’t let me approve and join the pool. I already done the kyc. Is there a requirement to be followed. Please help me.

  3. What about withrawal of allocation assets?
    I am wondering if you have your whole allocation released at once, or, if you, like in tronpad, only get 18% of you allocation relsead every month after the IDO.

    I hope you understand my question and can answer it.
    Thank you!

  4. Your Content is fantastic. But Slow Down. Im a native English speaker and I found it very difficult to keep up with everything you said

  5. If u are platinum tier can u tell me how much the busd allocation is currently on? approximately

  6. Thanks for the video very helpful, can u plz help me out , I completed the kyc successfully,do I still need to leave the bscpad in the wallet to participate in future projects or can I sell them?

  7. Hello i have a non english passaport i have french and arabic do i have to translate it to apply to KYC please help me know?

  8. My kyc is approuved, I staked 10000 bscpad token and when the projects opens, I can see my tier… I cannot participate, any idea why? Thanks

  9. how can i do the kyc ? i cant see the yellow button for doing it