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How To Pay Lower Gas Fees With This Trick On Uniswap Transactions ETH

I use this trick to pay low gas fees on Uniswap. You can use this to save some money on fees while making transactions on Uniswap on Ethereum.

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Wrapping your ETH to Wrapped ETH WETH saves you a lot in gas fees.

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  1. I have one question we have decentralized exchange binance with very low fees then why we need to use uniswap? What is the benefits?

  2. Didn’t work for me. Wrapped my ETH to WETH for one transaction, waited for it to land in my wallet , and then when it did I attempted to buy Luffy, and uniswap took my ETH gas fees but didn’t take my WETH. Not sure what to do.

  3. When will there be information about the metaverse from TheHarderTheyFall? I don’t wanna miss this treasure!

  4. Is there any trick when selling with 1% slippage that applies to projects where they set the slippage to be 10-15%?

  5. Is there an app to calculate gas fees to swap large profits out of investments of BEP20 and ERC20 tokens

  6. Please, please do a review on $MPC token from Partisia Blockchain, tell how you can buy it and what are the capitalization goals of the project, each one is talking about top-20.

  7. can you tell me how I do the settings at uniswap if I want to buy Saitama inu for, for example, 100 €?